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How to Become a Substitute Teacher

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Substitute teaching is a great opportunity for individuals aspiring to become teachers, as well as those who want to make some extra money during their free time. In this story, we have presented the requirements and process to excel in this industry.
Teaching is one of the most honorable professions in society. No wonder, this field attracts many young men and women; however, not everyone is lucky to land a job of their dreams as soon as they complete their education.
For such people, becoming a substitute teacher is a great option. It is also an opportunity for mothers who want to track their child's schedule and yet, wish to make some money.


Understand the Job Description

The first step that you must take is to have a thorough understanding of the job description. A substitute teacher is responsible for running the class and implementing the lesson plans in the absence of a regular teacher. He or she is also responsible for maintaining the discipline and decorum of the class.
They are of two types - day type, meaning the ones who fill in for the regular teacher only for a day or two, while the other type involves a long term assignment. There may be a prior intimation of about a week, if you are filling in for a teacher who is on a long leave, while day assignments can be entrusted upon a very short notice.
You also need to take into account that this is a low-paying job where you may earn between USD 8 to USD 30 per hour.

Get to Know the Requirements

The next step is to understand the requirements in your state. For this, you may contact your local school district office. Mostly, school districts are divided according to the corresponding city or county.
However, some states may have jurisdictions mapped that are independent of geographical boundaries. Thus, you need to find out under which school district your area falls in.

Accomplish the Requirements

If you already possess the requirements specified, then you can skip this step. Every state has different rules regarding the requirements for substitute teachers. For some, a high school diploma suffices, while others may need you to have a bachelor's degree.
Some states may make it mandatory to pass a General Educational Development (GED) exam, while others may have their own basic skills test.
States with growing educational requirements may grant you a period between 30 days to 2 years to complete the necessary requirements, while you are still employed. Additionally, you may also have to pass a fitness test and a background check.

Apply in Your Local School District

You need to officially apply through your local school district for this position. Application forms may be obtained from the school district offices, where you are supposed to fill and submit them along with your updated resume and a cover letter. You may need to officially register with the school district along with your availability and preferences.
When you complete all the formalities and possess the necessary skills, you become eligible for taking up this job. The local school district contacts you as and when a vacancy is created and is suitable to your profile and preferences.