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How to Become a Secret Agent

Charlie S
The main responsibility of the US intelligence agencies is to safeguard the national interests and integrity of the country. However, becoming a secret agent is tough, as the US government chooses the most talented people for this job.
Thousands of youngsters dream to end up with a job in the prestigious and the most powerful Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). However, interested candidates need to clear exams, and prove their worth to be a part of such institutions of the United States, which protect the very important and influential people of the nation.
Before knowing how to become a secret agent, let us first understand the mission and vision of the CIA, as well as what exactly are the roles of these agents in the institution.

Job Profile

A detective or a spy, who works for the CIA, is generally referred to as an operations officer; he generally works in the Clandestine service department of this institution. The job of the secret agents has become very important to keep a tab on the terrorist activities and their devastating plans, and to protect the nation and ensure peace and growth.
There are other job profiles such as the intelligence collection analyst in this institution, apart from that of a spy. The secret agents work in coordination with the US government, and perform tasks as per the set rules and guidelines of the government.
They play a vital role in the protection of the President, senior government officials, the candidates contesting for presidential elections, the former US Presidents, the family of the President, and also the government officials and dignitaries of foreign countries visiting the United States.
These officers are engaged in the protection of affluent personalities, and actively participate in all national security activities.
To enter and become successful in this field, you need to have qualities such as extraordinary intelligence, being very patriotic and smart, and the capacity to shoulder any responsibility. You will need to fulfill the important and binding criteria, which are set by the Department of Homeland Security.


The CIA is very selective, when it comes to recruiting officers who will work as secret agents. First of all, you should have US citizenship, as without that, you cannot apply for this job. Your educational qualifications should be at par with the standards of the institution.
You should be a graduate, with at least 3.0 GPA. Even though there are no restrictions as far as the branch of study is concerned, many candidates from the physics, computers, economics, and foreign relations backgrounds achieve success in this exam. Your age should not be over 35, as getting recruited at this age is not easy, and in most cases, impossible.
Having knowledge of foreign languages, like those spoken in the Asian and the Middle East countries, will be an added advantage. If you have the experience of working for the military services, you are definitely in a good position of grabbing this golden opportunity. Keep checking for the vacancies on the CIA website, and apply immediately, if any.
Avoid consumption of illegal or banned drugs, as you may get disqualified as per CIA rules. Note that the most important phase in this process is the checking of your background, which may involve criminal background checks, and may consume a lot of time; in some cases, it takes few years. Be calm, and cooperate with the agency for your benefit.
You will require to undergo a medical and psychological examination, which you need to clear to realize your dreams. After you get selected, you will be provided extensive training in all areas, and you will be posted in Washington D.C., along with a good salary. You can also enjoy a great position in the society by becoming an FBI secret agent, as well.
Thus, work hard, and have faith in your abilities to turn your dream of serving the nation into reality.