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How to Become a Retail Store Manager

Hemangi Harankhedkar
A retail store manager is a person who manages and oversees all the retail store activities. The job comes with huge responsibilities, and obviously is not an easy job. Read more in this story.
The growing number of retail chains has hugely increased the demand for retail store managers. He is the one who manages the store, and can be called the backbone of a retail store. Smartness in working, and a sense of responsibility, are the two important qualities that a manager must possess.
Employee management, which covers supervision of current employees and recruitment of new employees, management of the store, that is managing the products section and inventory, accounts section, etc., are some of the chief duties.
So now, are you wondering how you can become the manager of a retail store? If yes, then reading this story is surely going to help you. Just make sure that you have it in you, what is required to become the manager of a retail store. Also note that, the job is only for hardworking folks, and the ones who are ready to take responsibility.

Career Path

A degree in business management is a plus, and makes the journey a lot more smoother. Nowadays, many new stores offer the post to fresh graduates and under graduates also, but what they demand is experience. In fact, some of the retail stores require an experience of 10 years. 
So the educational requirement is not that strict, but for easy entry in the top retail stores (without any experience), you must have a degree in business management.
After you have earned the degree, the next step is finding the job. But before that, design a proper and to-the-point resume, and then submit it at the employment provider office and job websites. If the methods doesn't help, start at a small level, gain some experience, and then proceed to a higher level. It is always better to start work at small retail stores, as this is where you get real experience. Take a look at the skills one should possess.
  • Good Communication Skills: The manager is the one who has to do all the important communication with the dealers and customers.
  • Computer Skills: Technology has now pierced each and every domain. The manager should be computer literate, to handle all the software and internet communication.
  • Leadership and Decision-making Skills: There is no need to mention that a retail store manager should possess these skills, as he / she would be the one to take all the important decisions.
  • Creative Thinking: Yes, this one is also a must have skill. This is because he / she would be the one to introduce the discount plans and other related offers. Once you are armed with these skills, your career goal should be easy to achieve.


Considering that the job comes with huge responsibilities, they are quite handsomely paid. Though the salary differs according to the store and region, the average salary for a freshman with no work experience is around $30,000 p.a.
The salary increases as the experience grows, and the average salary can go to anywhere between $35,000 to $60,000. There are also monthly and yearly incentives in this field, depending on the profit earned by the store.
The job is interesting, as you get to interact with new people daily, and you also get a feeling of pride as you are leading a unit. For people who love to accept challenges, this is a good job, as the success of a retail unit entirely depends on its manager. All the best!