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How to Become a Project Manager

Geeta Dhavale
If you dream of becoming a project manager in a good company and have a successful career, then you have come to the right place. This content will help you in your ultimate goal.
Having great management skills is not enough to become a project manager. There are more things that one has to accomplish to become a successful professional. Earlier, these roles were limited to only few industries like telemarketing. But today, the scenario has changed rapidly.
Many other bigger industries like information technology, construction and infrastructure, and software development are in need of trained and thoroughly professional managers with work experience and expertise in the relevant industry.
As the name suggests, being a project manager is all about handling various assignments or clients of the company or an organization. He judiciously plans and supervises all the activities necessary to complete the assignment in a stipulated period. So, if you are ready to enter this exciting field of management, then read on.

Step #1

First you have to acquire a degree in management, as many companies lay priority on trained and educated professionals. So, enroll yourself in a good university or an institute which offers bachelor's or master's degree in this field. It is advisable to have a master's degree to start with a better salary in the first job.

Step #2

Once you get your degree, you will have to work with a local company as a trainee to get some hands-on training and experience. In many colleges, it is mandatory to complete an internship to get a final degree certificate. This internship or working as a trainee provides you experience that is held as valid when you will start looking for a full-time job.

Step #3

Once your training period or internship is over, you will need to design your resume with a cover letter to get good job opportunities. After preparing a professional resume, you must send it to various companies or upload it on job sites.
Try to meet as many professionals as possible, and let them know that you are looking for a job. You can even get a job in the same company where you completed your internship or training.

Step #4

Once you get a job, you may start with an average salary. But in the first job, you need to work with sincerity and put in a lot of efforts to get an opportunity to handle a new task. Initially, you may be asked to assist the seniors and learn the tricks of the trade, and after gaining significant experience and expertise, you will be assigned a new task.

Step #5

You may also have to get a certificate from the Project Management Institute, which is an organization that certifies or accredits professionals as Project Manager Professionals.
But to achieve this certificate, you have to appear for their entrance exam, for which you will be eligible only if you have the right education and work experience. This certificate opens international job openings for you.