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How to Become an Office Manager

Stephen Rampur
Administrative and time management skills are a must if you are thinking of becoming an office manager.
Proper management is the key to success for any kind of business, be it on a large or small scale. A person who is generally responsible for the smooth operation of a concern is known as an office manager. This kind of office management job is not for everyone.
It demands a great amount of skill in managing maximum tasks in minimum time, and being aware of all the local laws which may be applicable to company administration.

How to Become an Office Manager

In this career, experience gained from almost any other job can be beneficial. This really adds up to the experience required to become an office manager. Initially, you might need to work as an office admin assistant to gain a few years of experience.
For this career, most employers basically ask for a degree in office administration or management. This can be a certificate, diploma, or an associate's degree in the field.
A bachelor's or master's degree in office administration is mostly recommended. However, some employers may totally rule out the requirements of education, but mainly focus on the amount of experience you possess. You can even focus on a specialization of the field you intend to work in; such as health care, banking and finance, information technology, etc.
Gain all possible knowledge of the respective field. Since all offices use computer systems for management, it is suggested to get familiar with computer systems and technologies as well.


Firstly, you need to be a good communicator. It is better to have functional knowledge of more than one language, so as to clearly communicate with different people. The second prerequisite is to have time management skills, since this job may demand a variety of undecided tasks. This will help you carry out tasks as soon as possible without any delay.
The third is good managerial skills which may help you get the work done from your subordinates. You are also required to be familiar with local laws regarding all the aspects of a business. Logical thinking and quick decision making are some other essential skills required in this field of work.

Job Description

  • Making sure all office supplies are available and equipment are in working condition.
  • Limiting the use of office supplies and resources as much as possible, without hampering productivity or employee satisfaction.
  • Devising company policies regarding effective administration after discussing with top management.
  • Checking the proper functioning of electricity backup systems, and informing the technician if needed.
  • Recruiting other administrative support staff in the company.
  • Supervising housekeeping staff and ensuring workplace cleanliness.
These are just the basic duties, which may vary as per the field of employment. For example, an office manager can work for a medical facility, financial firm, or even a software development company. If he is hired by a financial firm, he should be able to understand and practice basic financial workings.


The salary of office manager ranges around $67,000 and $91,000.
This is some useful information on how to become an office manager, job duties, and salary data. Hopefully, by now you might have understood how to plan to get in to office management and administration. Remember that any kind of experience is valuable for working in this area.