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How to Become a Mechanical Engineer

Kundan Pandey
Try to find out, if it is your calling and if it is, plunge in it with staunch belief in yourself.
Much of the growth and development that we can witness in this world has been due to the contribution of the engineering field diversified into numerous branches and sub-specialties.
Mechanical engineering is one of the most popular engineering disciplines and mechanical engineers are involved in various fields including manufacturing, construction, infrastructure, automotive engineering, medical and scientific research.
The scope and extent of jobs in the mechanical engineering is abundant and it is a rewarding career option for those interested in machines.

Becoming a Mechanical Engineer

Generally, most of us are lost in the mere romantic side of professions. Our motivations, if at all they exist, are based on eye popping salaries that technical career aspirants earn. In the past couple of decades, we've seen that competition has increased on unprecedented scale in every profession.
Even though institutes are churning out a large number of engineering graduates, the gap between industry requirements and education seems not to lessen.
Hence, all aspirants of mechanical engineering must not join an engineering college merely because rest of their peer group is doing the same or the salaries after the completion of the degree is very high. To become a mechanical engineer, you must have tremendous interest in this field.
If you don't have an appreciable level of interest, generate it, but don't jump into the broad mechanical engineering discipline without any interest. You would dread working with metal scraps in an automobile manufacturing plant!

⇒ Start Early

High school is the place where you lay the foundation of your coming academic years. Hence, study numerous subjects related to sciences, physics, pre-calculus, maths, chemistry and English. Be strong in maths and physics as that will help you to develop a good command over the future courses.

⇒ Develop Yourself

Before we inform you on the traditional way to crack an exam and get in a top engineering college, you need to understand that falling in love with the subjects you study is a great way to clear your concepts and perform brilliantly in your academics. To do that, participate in lots of mechanical engineering contests right from your high school years.
Yes, you can do many things even in your high school. You can take keen interest in geology, auto mechanics, bicycle repair, welding, or even robotics sponsored by various colleges. You needn't go far, even your own college must be having robotics learning programs. Befriend some seniors and try to learn as much as you can.
That will help you to understand mechanics principles in a more practical way. Subscribe technical magazines that can help you design small scale projects, just in the comforts of your home. Participate in exhibitions and engineering contests and learn as much as you can about this field. Similarly, you have got to develop your reading and writing skills as that is the key to know more about this field.

⇒ Obtain University Degree

Numerous engineering institutions have been established that award degrees in mechanical engineering, that is one of the most rigorous and tough working disciplines. Every institute has some criteria for giving you admission in their mechanical engineering program.
Some institutions conduct their own independent exams while some select candidates based on national or state level competition exams. In the four years engineering course, candidates are given rigorous training in various aspects of mechanical engineering.
It depends on your aptitude, determination and financial budget to decide where you want to pursue your bachelor's degree in engineering. If you're aiming for larger universities renowned in the US and abroad, you have got to be competitive and you must have sufficient resources to afford the high cost of education.
Think about where you wish to complete your engineering degree and plan your career likewise. Discussing your career aspirations with your parents is a great way to think more wisely.

⇒ Train to Perfection

Right from your high school years up till graduation or post graduation, focus on internships and getting on the job experience. Gaining experience in the practical dimensions of mechanical engineering helps you to apply the theoretical knowledge in the practical world. Putting theory into practical approach is what constitutes the hallmark of a skilled mechanical engineer.

⇒ Work Upon Other Areas

Most of the duties of a mechanical engineer are restricted to machines. Hence, day and night it is the machines and tools that occupy the mind of mechanical engineers. Logic, reasoning, assembling auto parts, repairing tools etc., form the crucial aspects of a mechanical engineering work.
Students in mechanical engineering must not forget that while maths, reasoning and machines are their work, they must not ignore holistic personality development.
Good GPA and great grades are vital to gain a big entry in the engineering field but the value of social skills and excellent personality traits can't be ignored. In the later years of career, when mechanical engineers aim to switch to managerial positions, it is the personality and technical skills both, that matter to the core.
That's why, all engineering students must take time to balance their studies and extra co-curricular activities.
Being a very professional career in demand, average salary of a mechanical engineer ranges between US$40,000 to US$88,000. Salaries mostly depend on the location of work, type of employer and the experience or skill of the engineer.
While working with machines and variety of equipment, mechanical engineering students must learn safety tips to handle them and they must also focus on first aid treatment methods in case of accidents. After all, safety of life is invaluable.
Now that we have informed you on how to become a mechanical engineer, it is your turn to contact your college counselors/teachers and parents, learn more about various colleges offering excellent engineering programs, so that you can succeed in fulfilling your dreams. We wish you all the very best for a bright career.