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Requirements to Become a Kindergarten Teacher

Uttara Manohar
If you love the idea of being among kids, interacting with them and being a part of their developmental process, then you can consider the idea of becoming a kindergarten teacher. We will provide you all the information you need to know about becoming one.
What according to you does it take to become a kindergarten teacher? A formal degree in teaching, good communication skills, and a compassionate attitude towards children might be a few of the prerequisites. There are several educational requirements as well as a certain aptitude and other important assets that are a must for a kindergarten teacher.

Educational Qualifications

► Although a high school diploma can be accepted for kindergarten teachers in private schools, an accredited Bachelor's degree is a minimum required educational standard for becoming a kindergarten teacher in public schools. Some states require the candidates to have a Master's degree as well.
► A person needs to have a license to become a kindergarten teacher in a public school. The licensing requirements are different according to the state level jurisdictions. Licenses in specific areas of teaching like reading, math, etc. are also accepted in some states.
► Some states also expect a minimum GPA score and conduct background checks and monitor the person's teaching pattern before granting the license to teach kindergarten children.
► Accreditation from the Child Development Association (CDA) is considered as one of the most accepted certifications for early childhood teachers. There are several universities that offer such programs.
► In addition to the regular programs, there are several online distance learning programs which are of great advantage. These courses help people who do not have these courses in their nearby universities.
► Study of subjects like child psychology and communication are added advantages for people who want to become kindergarten teachers, since these subjects facilitate a better understanding of the children and the communication processes that are required for the job.

Other Qualifications

  • First of all, you have to love kids enough in order to be willing to be a part of their developmental process.
  • You are supposed to act as a facilitator of education for children.
  • While dealing with children of a tender age, one has to be extremely patient and understanding.
  • One should have warm and comforting personality.
  • They should have a disposition that commands respect without being too stern or rigid.
  • He/She should be able to mingle with children effortlessly and help them in their overall emotional and psychological development.
  • A good teacher should be able to communicate clearly with the children and hence good communication skills are a must for any kindergarten teacher.
  • He or she should have the ability to organize a group of students and allow them to express their creativity and have fun without violating the decorum.
  • An ideal teacher is the one who takes over the role of wise mentor and a loving parent at the same time.
  • Kindergarten teachers are the ones who teach the children things that would shape their opinions and define their way ahead.
In short, being a kindergarten teacher is no child's play! It is one of the jobs with the maximum amount of responsibility since there is nothing more precious than a group of impressionable young children!