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How to Become a Hotel Receptionist

Hemangi Harankhedkar
The job of a hotel receptionist interests those who love interacting with new people. If you are the one interested in this job, keep reading this story to find the details.
When you visit any hotel, a pleasing personality with a warm smile greets you at the reception. The personality we are referring to is that of a hotel receptionist. The role of a receptionist in a hotel is very important, as he/she is the one who greets and communicates with the customers.
Apart from communicating and answering the queries of customers (personally or through telephone), there are many other duties. For example, he/she has to manage the financial transactions and also correspond with the customers.
The duties vary as per the place of work, but the primary duty of a receptionist is to greet the customers and communicate with them and answer their queries.

Career Path

Any kind of job is not easy and comes with its own challenges, drawbacks, and benefits. And the same theory holds true for a hotel receptionist as well. He has to work round the clock, be polite while talking to customers, and has to keep a smiling face throughout the day.
The receptionist has to deal with all kinds of people and answer their queries. To become a one, one needs to be hardworking, prompt in thought, and enthusiastic. Patience is also a must-have skill for a receptionist, as he/she has to deal with people from all walks of life.
Education: The educational qualifications required are not very high, and high school education (along with the desired skills) would be sufficient to get the job. Having Maths and English as subjects in high school level is demanded by most of the employers, especially by the big and renowned hotels.
Knowledge of any foreign language would be a plus point and increase the probability of a candidate for bagging the job.
Eligibility criteria: In majority of the states the minimum age to become a receptionist is 15 years. The law states that for those below 18 years of age a work permit is required; it is generally issued by the permit officer on application.
Resume: Once you are eligible for the job, the next step is making a resume. Your resume should have a mention of all your skills, and educational details. Design a resume highlighting your background and before you submit it check that it is free from any spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.
Job hunt: Now comes the most important step - the job hunt. Your first step involves submitting your resume in the hotels of your preference. Submit the resume personally, as it will create a good impression of you on the recruiter. You can also take the help of job portal websites in finding the right job for you. You may have to start at a low level, because majority of big hotel chains demand work experience.
Preparing for the interview: If you prove lucky enough to be called for the interview, start preparing for the interview at the earliest. Your success in the interview depends on how you perform.
A future receptionist should focus more on the communication and confidence aspect in an interview. Below we have listed the skills required to become a hotel receptionist, that would help you improve yourself.

Ideal Skills

  • A receptionist should compulsorily have a pleasing and confident personality.
  • As the job involves dealing with people, he/she should possess effective communication skills.
  • The receptionist is always expected to be well-groomed and formally dressed.
  • Good negotiation and people management skills are a must for a receptionist.
  • The receptionist should be proficient in the use of computers and Internet.
  • A receptionist is ideally expected to work round the clock.
The salary depends on the place where you are working, and the average salary can be between $20,000 to $30,000 per annum. The salary would naturally rise as you get experience and proceed to the bigger hotel chains. 
The job profile of a hotel receptionist is an interesting one, as you get to interact with a whole bunch of new people everyday. All the best!