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How to Become a Forensic Scientist

Kundan Pandey
It's a dream for many youngsters to become a forensic scientist. If you're one such individual, then learn more about the same here...
Thrilling and challenging to the core, the profession of a forensic scientist demands focus, concentration, and an uncanny knack to penetrate deep into intricacies of criminal cases. The major developments in the field of forensic science occurred in the 20th century.
Contrary to how it is portrayed in fascinating TV thrillers like CSI and Dexter, forensic scientists work in a very realistic way, but they are no less important.

Step #1: Choose an Area of Specialization

The term 'forensic scientist' encompasses various specializations and sub specializations like computer forensics and forensic psychiatry. It is crucial to identify the area to specialize in. As per The American Academy of Forensic Science (AAFS), there are 10 specialties in forensic science. Depending on your interest, you can get a degree in any of them.
Every undergraduate program requires different educational backgrounds, hence, you have to decide which program you wish to choose. Nevertheless, a science degree in high school and graduation is always essential for the programs.
Engineering, physical anthropology, forensic pathology, and psychiatry and behavioral science (forensic psychology) are some of the most popular branches of forensic science. To be clear on how to become a forensic scientist, visit the AAFS official website to gather current information about exact educational programs and their requirements.

Step #2: Join an Accredited School

Candidates have many options to choose from when it comes to courses in this field. By visiting the website of AAFS, you can make a note of the numerous schools that offer programs in disciplines related to your interest area.

Step#3: Seek Employment

After your studies are complete, you must seek employment. Good schools assist their students in placements, however, you can apply on your own through recruitment websites in a variety of job setups.
Generally, government agencies, like the reputed FBI, also recruit forensic scientists, but it is a difficult process, and you have to crack difficult exams to work with the FBI.

Good luck making your career in this rewarding but challenging career.