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How to Become a Foreign Exchange Student

Kundan Pandey
Studying as a foreign exchange student is a great opportunity to upgrade your profile and experience, and experience and assimilate a new culture. Read some more information about it.
The educational sector has seen tremendous growth owing to the collaboration of national and international institutes. Not only are institutes helping each other in research and sharing of knowledge, they're also exchanging students for higher education.
Student exchange programs foster the emotional and intellectual growth of students by exposing them to a completely new personalities, culture, and language.


  • Opportunity to experience a new work culture.
  • Students become aware of variable industry requirements across the globe.
  • Improvements in intercultural communication.
  • The development of the personality of students, as they are forced out of their comfort zone.

Joining a Program

As we can see, there are numerous benefits of opting for an exchange program. There are several laws, rules, and regulations that must be followed by students and institutes participating in such initiatives.

1: Decide

You must decide if you really wish to pursue a program. Your parents or guardians must completely agree with you and once decided, you can start to do more research about the program.

2: Learn the Language

The country where you're planning to relocate may have a language different than your native language. Hence, it is good to start learning the dominant language in that country. While you can't become completely fluent in a new language in a short time, you can just try to understand the language more closely; it always helps during your stay.

3: Seek Counseling

Before applying for foreign exchange education, it is essential that one must go for proper counseling. College counselors and placement officers in business schools and similar universities can guide you effectively through the entire process.
Professional counseling helps in numerous ways:
  • It makes you aware of the most reputed organizations offering such opportunities.
  • It informs you about finance-related issues that you may encounter during the exchange process.
  • It will also help you in choosing a country suited to your interest and inclination.
  • Counselors also help you understand more about the eligibility criteria for applying in such programs.

4: Know About the Laws

Hosting a foreign exchange student is a task of responsibility. A university that calls foreign students and a household that lets them stay with them, must understand that it is important to inform the students about the laws and rules of the country. One must behave as per the etiquette and laws established in the country.
Foreign exchange programs are certainly an exciting opportunity. So if you do get it, ensure that you take full advantage of it!