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How to Become an EMT

Kundan Pandey
If you're interested in medical care profession, then knowing the path to become an EMT will be a resourceful piece of information for you. Keep reading to know more about how to make a career in EMT jobs.
Amongst different types of health care jobs, jobs pertaining to patient care in emergency situations is of immense value.
Although surgeons, physicians and medical experts must be immediately referred to in urgent medical cases, the phase of transferring the patient to surgeons and medical experts is very crucial, and even a delay of few minutes can cost the life of the patient.
In cases of highway road accidents, sudden injuries, fractures, fire burns, wounds and any other medical trauma, emergency medical technicians (EMTs) are needed immediately. They assist patients in ambulances, provide first aid measures and ensure the patient reaches to hospital or the health care unit safely.

Becoming an EMT

To become an emergency medical technician, one must be have excellent patient care skills. An EMT must be able to work within time constraints and under urgent medical conditions. Candidates must understand that besides formal training and courses, They also require very good communication and teamwork abilities.
One has to be healthy, fit and must have the ability to handle tough situations. Physical/mental strength and quick decision-making abilities must be an integral part of an EMT's personality. Emergency preparedness is something that theu must always be ready to face.

Step #1

Ensure that you have good eyesight (corrected or normal), you're comfortable in lifting heavy loads and you're minimum 18 years of age. These are the minimum eligibility criteria for being an EMT.

Step #2

Regarding educational qualifications, ensure that you've completed your high school or have obtained a GED in subjects related to medical sciences.
In fact, a thorough knowledge of numerous subjects in high school always helps. Ensure you're strong in subjects related to biology and sciences, as later in your EMT training, you're required a good theoretical background in human anatomy and similar fields.

Step #3

Go to the website of National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) and search what courses and certifications are available in your state. You may ask 'How long does it take to become an EMT'? It can be said that most of the training for lasts about 18 to 24 months, and is provided in medical schools, colleges and technical schools.
You'll be provided training in four levels viz.,
  • EMT- B (Basic)
  • EMT- I/85 (Intermediate)
  • EMT- I/99 (Intermediate)
  • EMT- P (Paramedic)
Candidates who enroll for degree courses are always employed better and have bright chances of becoming registered EMT.

Step #4

Lastly, you have got to pass exams conducted by NREMT. Passing the exam is essential to obtain licenses and practice as a professional EMT.
All 50 states in US have a certification and license procedure, that a professional EMT must obtain. Certifications have to be maintained every 2 years by registering with the respective authorities. Remember that you must at least have some work experience as a trainee or an intern, because nowadays it has become an important consideration for employment.
Salary ranges for jobs is also an issue that must be kept in mind during your career planning. The salary of an EMT is between US$33,000 to US$40,000. Also as population grows and urbanization increases, there will be more demand for EMTs.
Research properly and ensure that you have discussed issues with some seniors and professionals who're already working in this field, before you take the plunge.