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How to Become an Editor in Chief of a Magazine?

Neha Joshi
Are you a budding editor wanting to know how to become an editor in chief of a magazine? The story below will tell you just that. It is not easy to take over as an editor in chief, but if that is what you want, continue reading to know the answer...
A magazine is very different from a newspaper. You cannot judge both by complexity or simplicity, as both require different skills in their editors. Yes, the base qualities in writing and editing are almost the same, but the job as such, is very different. After spending a good time in the industry, a medium level editor might want to become the editor in chief, gradually.
If you know how to become the editor in chief, you can probably work your way up, in a better way. An editor in chief, is the top most level position in the entire hierarchy of editors. These editors are mainly responsible for policy making. Every decision or suggestions has to go through the approval of this editor. They are also responsible for performance appraisals and promotions, so always be in their good books!

How Can You Become an Editor in Chief?

The Education

To become an editor, you need to complete your masters. You need to obtain a degree in mass communication or journalism. Some magazines also allow people with a majors in English to apply. A master's degree will give you more advantage over the bachelors. If you are already working with a magazine, you don't have to leave your job to pursue your education.
Look for universities that offer long distance programs and apply for those. Certain degrees in media and writing are also acceptable nowadays. To be on the safer side, choose one of the degrees mentioned before. Education will play an equal part in your appraisals and promotions too.

The Qualities

If you want to know how to become an editor in chief of a magazine, it's very important for you to know what is expected out of you apart from your education. Leadership qualities are the extremely vital for an editor in chief. If you are an introvert with communication problems, better start working on those before it is too late.
Apart from this, you must know how to multitask and how to meet deadlines. The editor in chief responsibilities also require you to work extra hours at times, so make sure you are used to working late hours. Apart from this, you also need to be a good employee, one that is worth retaining.

The Experience

Experience counts a lot when you talk about this particular position. It is very important to have tons and tons of experience while applying for the post of an editor in chief. From your first job itself, try to find a publication that will let you freelance as well. This will multiply your experience many folds.
Buy The Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law and read through the entire book. This will add to your experience in a way. If you are only dealing with reporting at the moment, don't let your creative writing take a back seat. It is very important to be able to write in different styles and have enough experience in all of them.

The Salary

The salary range for editors in chief is $59,000 - $150,500 approximately. The average salary of an editor in chief is thus, $86,750 approximately. The salaries of these editors will vary a lot depending upon the location and specially, the publication they work with.
They can also earn more by giving guest lectures and writing books too. Most of the books available on journalism and media are written by editors in chiefs.
Now that these tips have told you how to become an editor in chief of a magazine, start preparing yourself with their help. If this is your ultimate goal, start working towards it.
In the meantime, read more on different writing and reporting styles around the world. Though The Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law will tell you about almost everything, it is your job to see that you don't miss out on anything. Best of Luck!