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How to Become a CPA

Charlie S
If you have always aspired to be a certified public accountant, this story outlines the path that you will need to take in the near future, to attain your objective.
The field of accounting and finance has diverse job opportunities and most of them pay well. To procure any one of these jobs, you need the right educational qualifications and relevant experience.
The job of a certified public accountant (CPA) is also one of them. It can help you earn a lot of respect and provide you with excellent career opportunities in the United States of America.

Becoming a Certified Financial Accountant

Certified financial accountants are known to be engaged in important tasks related to accounting, in finance firms, where they are usually employed.
They are also required to provide their company with account and financial statements, along with attestation and auditing services, in which they have a clear edge or expertise over other professionals. This can be one of the best accounting jobs if you have the talent and the right kind of attitude.
You should understand that qualifying for the CPA exam is the first challenge for you. For this, you will need a bachelor's degree in accounting from a recognized university. There are some states which would require students aspiring for this exam to possess a master's degree in the field of accounting.
Then, the next step in understanding what it takes to become a CPA is to begin your preparations for the same. This is a very competitive exam and it is not possible for a large number of candidates to clear it.
So, if you wish to be one of the talented ones who crack the exam, hard work and consistent efforts are a must. This exam consists of four sections or parts, which are auditing, business regulations, financial accounting, and business environment.
It is essential to pass in all four exams to get the CPA license to practice. You also need to appear for an ethics test.

CPA Salary Details

The salary largely depends on their educational qualifications, number of years of practical experience, skills, and job location. In places such as New York, the salary can be in the range of USD 60,000 to USD 75,000 per year.
On the other hand, places such as Chicago or Dallas can pay you anything between USD 50,000 to USD 65,000 per year.
Salaries largely depend on the post at which you work. Finance professionals working at top positions in large accounting corporations can earn anything between USD 100,000 to USD 200,000 per year.
Effective communication skills, interpersonal skills, mathematical abilities, calculation skills, and managerial abilities are essential to be successful in your career as a CPA.