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How to Become a Corporate Flight Attendant?

Anuja Marathe Kanhere
A flight attendant's job is much sought-after, and looked upon with awe. There must be so many of you who dream to work as a corporate flight attendant. This story tells you all that is necessary to get this dream job.
There are huge numbers of aspirants looking out for jobs as flight attendants in the airline industries. To start with, male flight attendants are referred to as airline stewards while female flight attendants are referred to as air hostesses.
There is a huge demand for this profile on account of the glamor attached to this profile, along with high pay package and the opportunity to travel around the world, at the expense of the airline company. However, this was just about a normal flight attendant's job.
There is a niche profile for corporate flight attendants where one gets to serve only the crème de la crème customers. Here is how you can knock on this job opportunity.

Physical Attributes of Corporate Flight Attendant

It is quite common to notice a variation in the expected physical attributes of corporate flight attendants by various airline companies. However, some common attributes are listed below for your benefit
  • It is expected that all flight attendants have perfect vision and flawless complexion.
  • Staff is expected to have a height ranging from 5'2'' to 5'9''. This rule is flexible from airline to airline.
  • It is expected that the height and weight of flight attendants are proportional. Airlines will reject any person who is overweight.
  • Attendants are expected to be physically healthy so that they can handle the strenuous and lengthy time-frame of each journey. A prospective candidate is put through rigorous physical tests to ensure that he has sufficient stamina to handle normal journeys and emergency situations.
  • Flight attendants are expected to be neat and presentable at all times, as they are the face of the airline.
  • Airlines have certain stringent rules regarding personal hygiene of all their flight attendants. All staff members are expected to avoid keeping unkempt hair. Similarly, flight attendants are expected to maintain well manicured nails and clean hands at all times.

Educational Qualification

  • Most flight attendants are expected to at least hold a degree before they apply for this post. This requirement is not relaxed unless you are exceptionally qualified in any other field.
  • You need to complete a flight attendant's training course in addition to your academic qualification. That apart, you are expected to be well conversant with flight service etiquette.
  • You are usually expected to be fluent in more than two or three languages apart from English or the regional language of the place your airline belongs to. Some popular languages are German, French, Arabic, Japanese, Spanish, etc.
  • Also, you need a minimum 2 years of experience in any commercial aviation airliner as a flight attendant. Experience in first-class aviation, five-star hospitality and concierge services is considered an added advantage. All corporate flight attendants are expected to give cent percent attention to detail and perfection in their service quality.
  • In some airlines, staff is also expected to know the minimum requirements of first aid treatment and stress management.
  • Be aware of the latest service standards set by the aviation industry for increasing quality of customer service. It is of added advantage if you keep yourself abreast with technical developments in aviation as well.

Job Profile

The job responsibilities of corporate flight attendant might seem similar to a regular flight attendant. But fact is, that there is a thin line of difference. First of all, flight schedule and destinations change all the time.
Unlike a regular flight attendant who flies regularly from his home city to a particular destination for a particular time frame, a corporate flight attendant may be traveling to Hong Kong on a particular day and in the next couple of days may be on a flight bound for London.
This requires a corporate flight attendant to adjust quickly to changing time zones and flying hours.
Next, a corporate flight attendant is expected to make the service as personalized as possible. For this it is insisted that attendants do some research on likes and dislikes of their passengers before they board the flight. For instance, understanding the beverage preferences of customers, and offering floral bouquets to female passengers.
Attendants should be, perfect in their attire, mannerism, professional and creative. At the same time, they should be sufficiently trained in safety and security regulations, first aid, food catering and Aircare FACTS training.
Lastly, corporate flight attendants are expected to think out of the box all the time and maintain privacy and confidentiality of elite customers.

Pay Packets

You might get employed by a regular commercial airline exclusively for their business class customers. At such times, considering your previous experience, you might be offered a pay ranging from $60,000 to $70,000 annually. In case you happen to apply to fractional airline operators, salaries start from $60,000 but may be calculated on an hourly basis.
This depends upon the policy of the airline company. Charter airline services usually offer a pay packet ranging from $40,000 to $100,000, while private jet owners or big corporates with their very own planes may offer you a pay ranging from $100,000 to a whopping $300,000.
There are some diem payments that you receive when you are located outside your home city.

How to Highlight Yourself?

  • One of the most effective way to highlight yourself is to become a member of The National Business Aviation Association Inc.
  • You might require to make personalized covering letters, professional resumes and mail the same to different airline companies and private organizations.
  • You may post your resume online on aviation job portals.
  • Make sure to stay connected with various organizations for flight attendant vacancies, as well as people currently working as flight attendants in the industry.
Being a corporate flight attendant is a promising career. As a normal practice, you might need to sign a contract with the airline company upon your appointment. And most importantly, you need to show willingness to work at odd hours and stay in a different city, away from your home and family, to pursue this career.
If you are one of those who is attracted to this profession, I suggest you to weigh all the pros and cons of this profession before you take a plunge. If you still feel that you have it in you, then go ahead and let you career take off.