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How to Become a Construction Project Manager

Kundan Pandey
Opportunities for jobs as a construction project manager have grown tremendously in the recent years as construction activities have expanded in the urbanized world. In this write-up, we will know more about this profession and its related aspects.
Managerial positions in the field of construction industry demand years of work experience. That is why in the last couple of decades, construction workers with consistent years of work experience were gradually promoted to managerial positions.
This trend has remained the same even in the recent years with the only exception that employers are now laying significant emphasis on education of construction workers who want to become construction project managers.
Similarly, certifications that were earlier not very important for working as a professional construction project manager are becoming more valuable in the industry.
Growth in this field has also fueled the increase of construction project manager salary that can be anywhere between US$46,000 to US$110,000 or more, depending on various factors like work experience, job location and educational qualifications.

Becoming a Construction Project Manager

A construction project manager manages and coordinates most of the tasks at the working site. He or she must be an individual with a dynamic personality and must possess an ability to work 24x7 depending on the needs of the project.
Construction project managers must have deep knowledge about contract plans and specifications in the industry. They should also have excellent communication skills besides the ability to take prompt decisions under work pressure and deadlines.
Architectural, construction and civil engineering knowledge is a must for every project manager related to the construction industry.
With the evolution of sophisticated technologies, computers and Internet, construction managers need to be tech savvy. Traditionally, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, construction supervisors with good years of work experience gradually rose to the position of managers in the construction industry.
However, since the complexity and duties of a construction project managers have increased tremendously recently, employers are now looking for candidates with degrees in construction field and work experience through internships or in civil engineering jobs. To build a career in this field, it is essential to follow a systematic path, as mentioned further.

College is Essential

Even though an individual may have good work experience in the construction industry, owing to increasing complexities in this profession, the importance of a bachelor's or engineering degree in construction related subjects can't be ignored.
Hence, if you wish to propel further in the field of construction project management, you need to take an accredited degree in the construction and similar fields. Even knowledge about business and skills of resource management are great boosters for success.

Keep Learning

There is no end to learning if you want to be a construction project manager. Even in professional life, you have to keep gaining knowledge about business, construction engineering and management techniques used in managing project works. Try to remain updated regarding all changes and standards of work applicable in infrastructure and construction industry.

Certifications Hold Relevance

Earlier, certifications were not needed for construction manager or project jobs; however, with evolution of the American Institute of Constructors andConstruction Management Association of America, many certifications have become popular to achieve success in this field. They ensure that project managers have adequate training and practice in their field.

Be Tech Savvy

Computer literacy and the ability to handle software related to project management forms some of the most important tasks that today's project managers must learn to perform.
Being deft in handling computers helps the managers to decipher the architectural drawings with more accuracy and even the construction related details can be recorded on the computers easily.

Be Bold and Decisive

Quick decision making forms one of the most important aspects of the construction project manager duties and responsibilities. Being a manager that needs to handle hundreds of people from various educational and social backgrounds, a project manager has to be a quick decision maker and effective communicator.

Keep Acquiring New Skills

Right from improving your understanding of business tactics and project management to learning local or regional language, everything adds great value and understanding to a project manager's work.
Most of the people who work on the construction sites in USA, for instance speak Spanish and if an individual aspiring to be a project manager is aware of multiple languages, he or she can have great advantage in communicating more effectively. Similarly, work experience counts a lot and the more time you spend in the industry, better your prospects become.
With education and work experience being two of the vital parameters to be hired as a construction project manager in the civil engineering field, aspirants must make dedicated efforts to achieve success. A successful career in civil engineering leads to higher designations like project manager.