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How to Become a Computer Technician

Veethi Telang
Bits and bytes are your thing, it seems. Well, this write-up could help you in figuring out how to become a computer technician and fix system crashes with the blink of an eye. Take a look.

Duties and Responsibilities

Simply put, these are skilled professionals who solve all problems associated with computer systems. They work on desktop computers, laptops, computer networks, servers, and mobile systems.
They troubleshoot, fix, install, and maintain computer systems with the help of their technical know-how, and perform required updates that keep the system from crashing again in the future. While there are different levels of complications associated with computer systems and networks, the job of a computer technician varies accordingly.
These technical experts know how to solve issues in computers quickly, that may otherwise take up a lot of time to get fixed. What's more, they're well cognizant of the latest technologies, solutions, software, and hardware, so that they're able to solve every problem that a helpless client poses.
They make sure they fix every problem without any kind of data loss, and that's why they incorporate various techniques which are quite difficult for a layman to carry out. They may be employed in a corporate information technology department, or a retail sales environment, in an educational institution, or may have their personal workstations.

Educational Requirements and Qualifications

Before we learn about the degrees required to enter this field, there is something every aspirant is supposed to know. To start with, an aspiring computer technician is required to know computer applications with the changing technology.
Yes, practically trying to grasp every aspect of the computer and its radical application would be beyond scope, however, acquaintance with problems on a regular interval should be within the understanding or a technicians repertoire.
Secondly, you need to get proper training. It is highly essential you pursue a 2-year college degree, or a 4-year college program where you get to learn more and more about computer systems. An aspirant needs to own a bachelor's degree in Information Technology.
Along with these degree programs, you could train in a licensed computer training school which will help you gain all insight with regards to computer systems, and will focus directly on getting the best job according to the area you specialize in.
For gaining certification, training courses are available to prepare the candidate for the various exams that offer certifications such as CompTIA A+ IT Technician certification, and CISCO certifications.
Thirdly, in order to advance your career as a computer technician, appear for a Computer Service Technician (CST) exam, which is recognized by the Electronics Technicians Association International. Getting through this exam will designate you as a qualified expert, eligible for any kind of job under the category of troubleshooting and management of computer systems.
Lastly, keep your education and training going. Gain as much insight as you can, for technology is one field that is unfathomable in terms of learning. In order to grab long-term opportunities in your career, you need to be more skilled than your competitors. After all, this is one career that prefers only those technicians who have the maximum knowledge about computer systems.
To achieve an expert status of a technician, an opulent amount of time goes in to getting a hands-on experience. On a yearly basis, a computer technician earns somewhere between $30,000 - $50,000. With increase in years of experience, salary figures get hiked too. Now, when you're well-versed with the process of chasing a career in this field, enroll in a good training program; gaining knowledge in computers is always invigorating.