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How to Become a Certified Medical Manager

Veethi Telang
Wanting to know how to fetch certification for the post of a medical manager? This story enlists all educational requirements, as well as the process of becoming a medical manager in a reputed medical institution.
In a variety of health care settings, medical managers coordinate, supervise, and manage the many aspects of medical care delivery system. They serve in medical offices, nursing homes, private clinics, and huge hospital administration. Simply put, the better the professional credentials an aspirant owns, the higher the salary package, and the better the opportunities for advancement.
It is the duty of a medical manager to ensure that the medical office is running proficiently without any hassles, because it is he who is responsible for all operations within the office.
Moreover, he is expected to constantly look for lucrative buys, methods to save maximum money, and reducing operation costs that not only benefit the patient but also the medical office as a whole. More on the process of becoming a medical manager with certification follows below.

Importance of Medical Manager Certification

While any medical aspirant can become a medical office manager in a health care institution, certification sets him or her apart from the rest, thus, enhancing the value to the profession. It efficiently represents your achievements and superiority level to the employers, and not to forget, the strong knowledge base that you own.
Today, many aspirants register for a certification course from recognized medical institutions to have the skills and knowledge that will increase their value as a healthcare professional, and also, to keep in touch with the current scenario.
What's more, certification authorizes a person to take charge of administrative matters, and assist physicians by efficiently communicating with them.

Steps to Become a Certified Medical Manager

Before gaining insight on medical managing, an aspirant needs to assess whether or not he is qualified enough to become one. 
The minimum educational requirement to gain certification and start working as a medical manager is to have an associate's degree from either a vocational institute or community college. These institutes get their students acquainted with basic skills that are required for operating a medical office.
Followed by that, an aspirant can register for a Bachelor's degree programs in recognized universities so as to frame a career as a top-notch administrator in large healthcare institutions. This program will help them gain insight about medical coding and terminology, medical billing, and patient records.
Moreover, a student will also learn various management skills that help in successful management of a medical office.
Many certification programs require their applicants to have around 2-3 years of on-the-job experience before they sign up for it. Hence, the next step involves gaining experience in working as a medical manager within the healthcare field.
One could simply assist the administration, become a record manager, or get into clinical management. After gaining experience of a couple of years, the aspirant can obtain certification by means of professional associations that offer certification programs for medical managers.
These associations not only prepare aspirants for certifications, but also conduct certification examinations. These exams comprise multiple-choice questions in areas dedicated to medical office administration.
Those areas may include: medical coding procedures, insurance billing, health care laws, rich-scale medical terminology, etc. You will have to find out the cut-offs of the medical organization you have selected to obtain certification from, and study accordingly.
In accordance with the statistics put forth by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, America, compared to an average medical office manager's salary, the wage of a certified medical manager in general medical and surgical hospitals reaches up to $140,000 per annum.
On an average, the annual salary of a certified medical manager lies somewhere around $90,000 - $120,000. Now, research all about the best institutions offering medical management courses, and start preparing for it. After all, medicine is, by far, the most lucrative career in the world.