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How to Become a Certified Caregiver

Shalu Bhatti
Are you looking forward to become a certified caregiver and want to know what are the prerequisites for the same? Well, here is the information about how to move ahead with your aim of becoming a licensed caregiver.
It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life, that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Caregiving is a beautiful and noble career wherein you get compensated not only in terms of money, but you also earn a lot of respect, love, prayers, and blessings. A caregiver is a person responsible to take care of a person who is not fit enough to take care of himself.
Caregiving is the duty to give proper care to the needy. Though the term care may be used casually in our daily lives, providing care in the literal sense is not so easy. Not everyone can be a good and successful caregiver. There should be some inherent qualities and a passionate commitment for this job. You must be kind, compassionate, caring and selfless.
Also, you should be able to empathize enough to feel the need of others and help them take care of themselves when they are unable to do so. Your patients may include those dealing with conditions like dementia, Alzheimer's, paralysis, and so on. These are extremely difficult conditions both for the patient and the family members.
Which is why, you would need to be very patient, calm, and strong in order to bring justice to this job. If you think you have all the qualities and the inner desire to want to help the sick and the needy, then you must understand how you can become a certified caregiver and increase your career growth in a broader way.

Prerequisites for Becoming a Certified Caregiver

There are two kinds of caregivers, certified and non-certified. Being a non-certified caregiver requires minimal educational qualifications like a high school diploma. You need to undergo medical tests for drugs and fitness.
A background check is also necessary. A caregiver doesn't need to be professionally qualified. Any person who is willing to take care of a person who is not fit to take care of himself or herself; can be trained as a caregiver. Studies reveal that the need for caregivers is rapidly rising and one can have a bright future in choosing caregiving as a career.
Working without a certification can put you under potential career risks in the near future, especially when people are looking for qualified and trained caregivers for their near and dear ones. Also, certified caregivers are paid way more than caregivers that are not certified. Here is what you need to do in order to become certified.

☛ Check Your State Policies and Rules

Every state has a different policy and procedure for becoming a certified caregiver. So, the first step should be to check your state policy regarding the same. While some states may require certain educational qualification and training background, some may not be that particular. Check your state laws for what you need to do to be eligible to apply.

☛ Equip Yourself According to Your State Requirements

Once you have inquired about the state laws, the next step would be to get the proper training and education to fit the criteria for applying for the state license. You can check with your local nursing home, or, the local Red Cross society for the training and classes.
You can also visit the local department of health in your city and inquire about the training requirements and the organizations that provide the same. Usually the local community colleges and nursing schools conduct classes that can run up to 6 weeks providing necessary training and education.
The course fees may vary from USD 139 and USD $999 or may cost more. Various organizations offer online courses with flexibility to complete the course on own pace for those who cannot attend classes. They also run the programs that fine-tune the knowledge with pocket-cost around US$ 79. Make sure the organization you choose is recognized by your state.

☛ You Will Have to Pass a State Test

Once you have taken the necessary training, you need to apply for your state registry and then sit for a state test in order to get certification from your state. Once you have passed the test, the state will issue a license stating that you are a 'certified caregiver'.
Some states also require renewal of the issued license after every two years. Which is why, you would have to obtain continuing education in this feild in order to keep up with the demands of this career.
In order to get all the relevant information, you need to check your individual state policy, as your state / country's prerequisites may differ from the information given here. Being 'certified' can boost your career immensely. You can work as a part of the assisted living communities, or, you can work with agencies providing home care.
A certified caregiver earns on an average USD $11 per hour. A certified caregiver is preferred any day over non-certified caregivers. People prefer someone who is qualified, trained and understands the caregiver duties much better. If this means to pay more money, they wouldn't mind, as you will be taking care of their near and dear one. Right?