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How to be Employment Ready in this Competitive World?

Hemangi Harankhedkar
What is more important for a job seeker - holding a degree from the best university, or having great work skills but a poor GPA? There are plenty of factors that determine your employment readiness.
The term "employment ready" means a person is able to master the basic skills expected in his/her work sector. However, companies often have to train recruits in work fundamentals and interpersonal skills, too. Thus, the general notion that a degree certifies that you have the required qualifications to make you worthy of employment, is an incorrect one.
Educational qualification does matter while looking for a job. However, it's not the only important factor. There are other aspects that are even more important than a mere degree.

Your Educational Qualifications

Having the right set of qualifications is the first thing necessary for employment. Yes, it does matter; you will fall behind in the "race", if you have the right skills but no degree to support it. That's because, it's a policy in most corporations that a candidate should have the basic degree, it is after that, that he/she is tested for other skills.
So first earn a certificate in the form of a diploma or degree, even if you have the right knowledge and attitude. This will make your journey to your dream job hassle free.

Your Knowledge

Even if you do land a job, you wouldn't survive it if you lack the basic knowledge concerning your subjects. How would you pass the mandatory qualifying tests if you are inadequately prepared? How would you clear the interview, where the panel is bound to grill you in all types of questions?
Thus aspiring candidates should have a strong knowledge base, and should also keep themselves updated with the latest developments in their work field as well as in current affairs. A solid foundation of basic knowledge boosts your confidence, and thus brightens your chances in an interview.

Your Attitude

It is often the case, that a person who presents himself/herself well in the interview, walks away with the job although he/she didn't possess the best of knowledge. What may have impressed the interviewers must have been the attitude of the candidate.
Companies have always been keen on hiring candidates ranking high on their IQ as well as their EQ.
The basic idea behind conducting an interview is about understanding the person's behavior, and his/her thought process. Confidence, willingness to work and commit, and depth of knowledge are important factors, as far as working is concerned.
Factors that help determine your employability are:
  • All jobs demand a schedule you have to bind yourself to; so are you willing to commit yourself to work for the hours required? Mature behavior and commitment is expected from a working professional.
  • Most organizations require employees to work in teams. Thus you should be able to gel successfully with your team members, and have an open attitude to work.
  • You should have good communication and interpersonal skills as an added advantage. These are the must-have skills if your work demands good conversational skills from you.
  • You are thus employment ready, if you have the educational qualification, the enthusiasm to work, and sport a correct frame of mind.
The job market fluctuates continuously, and a recession can storm the market anytime. Mass layoffs are very common during this period, and even when the economy recovers, it is generally slow in hiring recruits.
Obviously, people who are contributing and are performing above average have better chances of surviving the recession. That's why such people will be absorbed by any organization. In today's world, the competition is cut-throat, since everyone vies for the best work environment in their sector.
Thus possessing the right degree or a perfectly designed resume is not enough for employment. Finding your dream job in this challenging market is difficult, but not impossible. So accept the challenge and groom yourself.
So accept the challenge and groom yourself. If you think you are weak in some areas, work on them. There are many institutes that offer grooming and motivational courses to help you deal with your weak areas. So, are you ready to take up the challenge?