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How to be a Good Cashier

Mayuri Kulkarni
Read the following story and get to know some useful information on how to be a responsible cashier and what salary to expect with this job.
Cashiers are employed in every retail store that involves exchange of goods for money. It may be a movie hall or a drug store, they are needed for smooth transaction of money that is paid in return of the goods purchased.
Becoming a cashier is quite simple, and the job does not demand special qualifications. The job of a cashier is considered as one of the entry-level jobs, where a novice can get a good exposure to the business world. It is also one of the most common part-time jobs opted by teenagers and adolescents.

Becoming a Good Cashier

Though there are no specific educational requirements to become a cashier, employers expect a minimal high school education and also a good knowledge of basic mathematics. Almost all the employers train their cashiers on the job, and also the cashier learns his duties with the experiences at work.
Some of the basic responsibilities are, announcing the total bill to the customer, collecting money from the customer and paying back the balance to the customer. The job duties differ from one employer to another, for example, a cashier employed at a restaurant may have additional duties like taking orders on the phone.
Now, let us take a look at some tips for becoming a good cashier.
  • It is necessary that you maintain a friendly and cheerful attitude towards the customer. So, however bad your day may have been, you should always greet the customer with a smile.
  • If the customer raises some queries, then make sure you answer the queries efficiently.
  • If the customer has some complaint with the staff management, then convey the message to the senior authorities.
  • To become a good cashier you should have good manual dexterity and accuracy while making the total bill at the counter.
  • If you are working as a cashier in a restaurant and have to take order on the phones, then make sure you take the order properly and repeat it in audible manner to the customer.
  • If you are employed at a movie hall, then announce the available seats to the customer and also make some suggestions, if needed.
  • While packing the goods at the counter, make sure you handle them carefully.
  • Sometimes you may come across unfriendly customers. At such times you must handle them tactfully, without causing nuisance to other customers.
  • Once you have scanned all the goods purchased by the customer, make the total, announce the bill in an audible tone, collect the money from the customer, then place the amount in the cash drawer and pay back the balance. After this, make sure that the customer agrees with the change provided by you and greet him with a smile.
  • You should be neatly dressed for work and should have a neat appearance. If the employer has no dress code, then try to dress in a conservative manner.
Now, when you know how you can become a cashier, let us take a look at the average salary earned by a cashier.

How Much Can a Cashier Earn

The salary of a cashier is usually paid on hourly basis and is influenced by certain factors, like the type of employer. The average starting salary is in the range of $7.15 to $8.25, while that of an experienced person, it would be around $8 to $11.94.
Salary surveys state that a cashier employed by a fast food restaurant may earn anywhere between $6.91 to $7.82 per hour, and a cashier working at retail grocery store may earn $7.43 to $9.25. Other than the hourly based salaries, some cashiers are also offered other benefits like insurance, discounts on goods, free meals, etc.
Being a cashier is a very responsible job, since one must make sure that the exchange of goods and money is exact. I hope this information will prove helpful to you. Good Luck!