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How to Advance in Your Career

Think your stuck where you are? Think again.
Carol Evenson
There's many different ways to go throughout your career. A lot of times, it's really the decisions that you make that will determine so much of where your career will end up going. Here are tips that will help boost your career.

Make Genuine Connections With Others

When you really think about it and when you ask most people, most of your opportunities do not come from you just going out there and looking for an opportunity, looking for a job, applying for it and getting hired. Most of your opportunities come from other people, people that you've known for a long time and they recommend you for a job down the line.
Now, one of the interesting things about making connections with other people is not to have that in the forefront of your mind. It's more about just actually trying to be friends with people.
Try to make connections with people in a way where it doesn't feel like it has anything to do with business. Now, when you make a friend, do you automatically start asking them for stuff? No. Generally, you are just friends. Make sure that connection is strong before you ask for anything.
Most of the time, if you kind of do this right, you generally don't ask people for stuff. They will think of you, especially when that connection is strong. You want to make sure that you're friends with people for the right reasons, not because of what they can give you, but what you can perhaps give to them.
The interesting thing about it is, the more people that you know on a good level, the more opportunities will come to you.

Get Better

Your career doesn't get better until you get better. A lot of times, all it takes is actually doing those opportunities. For example, you may want to get a MS in business analytics. Whatever course you want to be on, just start working on it. Pretend that you are actually working for that company and create work that are complementary.

Think Differently

The Apple slogan is to think differently. Why is that? Because if you are always having the same thoughts, that's going to you lead to making the same choices, which will lead to generally the same results.
Once you start thinking differently, that's when things will change a lot faster and a lot more dramatically. Of course, if you are thinking differently, that doesn't mean that you're thinking in the right way.
So you still have to really make sure that when you change the way that you think, it will be a positive change or at least it won't be a negative change. If you're always thinking the same things, your life still might progress.
But if you are constantly thinking differently and thinking to improve your thinking, then you'll see much more dramatic changes in your career and in your life.

Think Big

The size of your goals affects your career. It doesn't matter at what stage in your career you're at right now. Think about what that ultimate dream would be. Keep that in your mind and all your little goals, your little tasks and your little actions throughout the day.
See if they align with that ultimate goal. If you're constantly making choices doing jobs that align with your ultimate goal, before you know it, you'll be there.

Think Better of Yourself

Now, some people already think really highly of themselves. So perhaps you want to tone it down a little bit, actually. But for most people, we don't really think that highly of ourselves. And because of that, you don't actually excel to your absolute potential.
How you see yourself affects your career. You might be at whatever stage in your career right now, but you have the potential to get to such heights that would be beyond your dreams, dreams that you wouldn't even dare to dream.