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How Learning About Blockchain Can Help Your Future Career

Sylvia Giltner
Whether you are a fresh graduate or someone with experience in fin tech, cryptocurrency exchange or related fields, blockchain technologies may be worth learning about. According to published data, $2.1 billion was spent on technologies which implement blockchain to some extent during 2018, with 69% of global banks actively experimenting with blockchain.

Professional Development Opportunities

You can now find blockchain in a plethora of IoT devices, company intranet networks, and banking systems.

Blockchain can be a very positive and advantageous point in your CV; no matter what digital industry you apply for work in.

High Industry Demand

You could easily land a very lucrative position as a blockchain tech manager without any prior professional experience given the knowledge you have on the technology itself.

This is what separates blockchain from fields which typically require college degrees and years-long skill development. You can find online most of the information you need.

The Possibility of Crypto Investment

Knowing how the back-door data management works will allow you to make smart, informed decisions about your future investments.

While you may not be able to find work as a financial manager without a relevant banking or accounting degree, blockchain tech will still improve your employment chances by a large margin.

High Return on Investment

When all is said and done, learning about blockchain technology provides a high return on investment (ROI) for an individual.

Veronica Wright, CEO of the professional cover letter service explains: "This is due to the fact that you can learn about blockchain trends, implementation methods, and work methodologies simply by following free online resources."

Start Learning Today

The future of blockchain development is uncertain but very positive and worth learning about. The technology will only grow in implementation and complexity as time goes on, so 2019 represents the perfect time to jump onboard.

Don’t allow someone else to take your future career prospects away by landing a job you could easily have taken.