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How Do I Get My PALS Certification?

Looking to gain more skills for your medical career? Everything you need to know about getting your PALS certification.
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What is PALS Certification?

PALS, or Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Certification provides you with the skills to assess and treat critically ill children and infants. PALS certification is typically required for emergency responders, pediatric nurses and doctors, and emergency room staff.

How Do You Become Certified?

You earn your PALS certification by completing an in-person course and passing a written exam. During the class, you’ll need to pass two intensive scenarios and prove that you can handle any respiratory or cardiac problems that you might encounter in a pediatric patient. The course typically takes two days and a total of around 14 hours.

How Long Does Certification Last?

After you gain your certification, you will not have to recertify until two years have passed. It’s important that you recertify before the time has lapsed because if you fail to do so you’ll have to take the initial course over again. The initial certification can cost up to $200, so save your money and recertify before your certification lapses.

How Do I Recertify?

It’s extremely easy to recertify. You can take an online course to recertify and work at your own pace. The online program provides you with self-assessment review questions and interactive training materials. You can even skip all the training and go right to the exam if you’re confident in your skills.

How Much Does Recertification Cost?

Recertification is cheaper than your initial certification. You can become recertified for close to $100. Plus, your purchase is 100% guaranteed. For those who are required to maintain current PALS certification, the low cost and the promise of money back if needed are excellent.

What Does My Recertification Provide?

Your recertification earns you a PALS provider card, which proves that your certification is valid for another two years. You’ll also earn four Continuing Medical Education credits in whichever category applies to you. Nurses receive ANCC Contact Hours, pharmacists receive ACPE Credits, and physicians receive AMA PRA Category 1™ Credits.
Having your PALS certification will help you succeed in your career, and it’s easier than ever to get and renew. Keep your knowledge and skills a priority and earn your PALS certification.