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How Can Teens Make Money Online

Uttara Manohar
Parents encourage kids to find a job on a part-time basis to help learn the benefits of saving and the rewards of making one's own money. Here are some ideas about how teens can make money online.
If you thought teenagers depend completely on their daily/weekly allowances, then you need to wake up and smell the coffee. Nowadays, they are on the lookout for innovative ways to earn a few extra bucks in addition to their allowance. There are a number of ways for this purpose, however, the advent of Internet has opened up new avenues.
The Internet offers several beneficial opportunities, which allow the teenagers to make money online. Some of these options are quite convenient and easy. Teenagers should be well-informed about the pros and cons of online money-making before they decide to pursue these options.
Parenting them is a tough job, and although most of these opportunities are safe, you need to warn your kid about the large number of Internet scams and crimes.


Paid Online Surveys

Did you know that you could be paid to be a part of the online surveys? Marketers often study the young crowd's opinions in order to evaluate an important market segment, and they often make use of paid surveys or online surveys for the same.
On the other hand, there are researchers who want volunteers to participate in the online survey as a part of their research projects, and also arrange for such paid surveys.
Beware of phishing scandals and other trickery. There are a large number of 'get-paid-to' (GPT) sites, which allow you to earn either simply by registration, forums, or paid surveys.
However, before you register for a paid survey, it is always better to ensure the credibility of the site. The easiest thing to do is ask your friends or acquaintances who have used such sites in the past.

Freelancing Opportunities

Freelancing is becoming a popular option to earn. There are a lot of sites that offer freelancing jobs.
Freelance writing, in terms of either article writing or content writing or business writing is quite in demand and serves as an efficient way to earn cash. Freelancing projects that have a fixed duration and fixed remuneration are an even more convenient way.

Online Auctions

If there is an old jacket that you want to sell off, or even a book that you no longer need, then the Internet is a great place to sell off these items and earn.
There are other several sites, like eBay, which offer an easy and convenient platform for people to buy and sell stuff online. So, instead of a garage sale in your backyard, next time try to sell your stuff on the Internet.


If you thought that blogging was just a way to publish your writings on the web, then you are probably not aware of the tremendous lucrative opportunities available in this field.
There are applications, like Google Adsense, which help you to earn revenues through your blogs. These business models are usually pay-per-click or pay per view models.

Play Games

There are a lot of gaming websites, which offer cash prizes and rewards for winners. Some websites might even offer you rewards and prizes based on the number of played games instead of your wins.
However, again, you need to make sure that you are indulging in online games that are offered on secure websites. Also, try to pick a game that you are good at, to increase your chances at winning.
One thing that the parents should remember is that the teenagers are at an age where fast money can be a huge temptation. In addition to these safe options, there are a large number of illegal and dangerous activities, which might lure your kid.
It is always better to have healthy communication with your child and be aware of all the online projects or opportunities that he/she is involved in.