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How Can I Become a Better Hire in the Engineering Field

Advice for College Graduates who are looking to start in the Engineering Field in any form.
Carol Evenson
If you are an engineer who has just recently graduated and now you want to explore what you need to do to be a better hire, there are many skills you can focus on. Companies hiring engineers want various qualities in an engineer to help them grow as a company. In this story, some of the qualities that you can develop to become an asset are discussed.

Technical Skills

Your technical skills are the first factors that will play the most important role in the selection process. The interviewers evaluate your qualifications and knowledge. They will check your educational background, engineering competitions that you have won, and other experiences relevant to the job.
As an engineer, it is beneficial to know some basic programming languages like C, C++, and others. The question of how to become a software engineer should arise in your mind before starting grad school as it will help you prepare the technical skills that you would need later when you would be searching for a job.

Communication Skills

As an engineer, it would be required to work in groups. It is important to have strong communication skills so you can be a vital part of the team. Your communication skills are what the interviewer will evaluate. It is very important as an engineer that you are able to process a lot of information and give summarized reports that your superiors understand.
While working with a team you would need strong communication skills to understand what they want from you and also to make them understand what you want from them. A Communication gap can be the reason for failure of a project. Communication skills are an important asset for leaders and the interviewer is looking for strong future leaders.

Interpersonal Skills

With strong communication skills, you would also need strong interpersonal skills to become a team player. There are not many jobs in the engineering field that require you to be a lone wolf. Nowadays most of the jobs in any industry require you to work in teams and help each other to achieve a better outcome.
Your interpersonal skills will help you maintain a strong relationship with the team members. Having strong connections and relationships with co-workers and clients is a huge asset for any company. This is a quality that the interviewer would most likely want to see in you and it is definitely an advantage to have this skill.

Problem Solving Mentality and Critical Thinking Ability

As an engineer, you would be required to work on tough projects that are challenging and daunting. You would absolutely require skills such as critical thinking ability and problem-solving mentality. You interviewer might give you scenarios where you are facing a problem to check how you would react.
To take preparation for developing critical thinking you can keep practicing analytical puzzles and sharpen your logical thinking ability. It is not a fast process to develop critical thinking ability. It can take years of practice to master this ability.

Enthusiasm and Motivation

Your enthusiasm and motivation is something that the interview would definitely like to see. Your interviewer would definitely want to see how badly you want the new job. Besides having all the skills required for the job it is important that they see that you want the job and you are not just here to get a job that you are not passionate about.
You should talk about how much you want the job when the interviewer asks you the question. Remember to research the company to show enthusiasm for this possible next chapter.