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Housekeeping Duties

Charlie S
The aim of this article is to acquaint you with housekeeping duties and responsibilities in different establishments.
Housekeeping staff work at different places, such as households, hotels, hospitals, as well as different commercial establishments. Though the list of their duties is quite long, the main aspect of the duty of the housekeepers is to maintain and clean the place where they work.

Duties and Responsibilities

Many housekeepers work in private household for a stable income. The duties can vary from one household to the other. People generally recruit housekeepers either on a part-time or full-time basis depending on their need. In many cases, housekeepers are offered accommodation in the home itself.
The duties generally include cleaning all the rooms well, ensuring that all things are in their right place, cleaning the walls, watering plants, maintaining the area around the home, cleaning terraces, etc.
Maintaining the kitchen is also an important task of housekeepers. In some households, they may be required to prepare food, and look after the daily needs of the family. Their profile in some households may include welcoming the guests and serving them tea, coffee, food, and drinks.
If the family has a pet cat or dog, then the housekeeper might be entrusted to take care of the pet. The housekeepers will have to look after the meals and general care and entertainment of the pets.
The responsibility of looking after all the needs of the small children in the house can also be a part of their duties.
If a housekeeper is experienced, intelligent, and reliable enough, then he may be given the chance of doing more important tasks, such as paying bills, making and receiving cash payments, depositing money in the bank, taking messages from clients and customers, etc.
The housekeepers in hotels also involve a lot of hard work and responsibilities such as cleaning the rooms which are to be occupied by guests, cleaning corridors, floors, windows, bathrooms, etc.
Seeing whether the guests get facilities, such as hot water and snacks on time, repairing air conditioners and other electronic items if the need arises, solving all queries of the guests and customers, maintaining high standards of cleanliness are also some vital duties.
In hospitals, their work involves dealing with waste materials, such as used syringes and bandages, maintaining general cleanliness to provide the patients with a clean and healthy atmosphere.
Cleaning linens, such as scrubs, gowns, bed sheets, and pillow covers is also extremely essential. Housekeepers generally work in teams as they have to complete many tasks in a day's work. The efforts of the staff can help the patients recover quickly from their illnesses.

Salaries for Housekeepers

The salaries for these people generally depend on their skills, qualifications, and years of experience. The location of work and kind of employer is also a deciding factor for the salaries. Housekeepers working in urban and metropolitan cities are bound to earn more than those working in rural and under developed areas.
Housekeepers working for large hospitals and high net worth individuals will earn a decent amount of money. The salaries can be around USD 10 per hour. With experience, it can go up to USD 12 per hour. Hopefully, this will prove to be useful for you. All the best!