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Hotel Receptionist Duties

Indrajit Deshmukh
Putting on a smile and greeting the patrons of a hotel is one of the most basic duties of a receptionist. The job however, is more demanding than it appears as they have to perform a multitude of tasks.
In the hospitality industry, a hotel receptionist acts as a conduit between the clients and the service providers. They are on the frontlines of customer service in any industry they work in, but more so in the hotel industry. A receptionist is one of the first people who you encounter who is designated to assist you with your queries.
The job can be demanding at times, as they have to multi-task between handling the customer, and support staff of the hotel. The remuneration however, is quite substantial compared to other non-management level salaries in this industry. The salary can range anywhere between USD 19,000 to USD 30,000 per year, however, the number can go up significantly if you work for an international chain of high-end hotels.

Job Description

Like most other industries, the hotel receptionist's duties may vary according to the needs of the employer, and the services provided by the organization. Individuals looking to enter this field should have personal qualities like patience and pleasant demeanor as the job involves interacting with customers. Physical traits will also play a part when securing the job, as people with charming personalities will be preferred. Here are some duties and responsibilities.
  • Greeting the customers as they enter the establishment, and offering assistance is one of the first and foremost tasks of a hotel receptionist. They are the first point of contact for the clients.
  • The receptionist will check for the booking of the client, and give pertaining information. They will address any queries that the client might have at that point of time.
  • They will do the necessary financial transactions to ensure that payments are collected, and barriers to financial transactions are resolved, especially when dealing with foreign clients.
  • A receptionist will also keep accounts of the funds received, and make note of balance payments. Book keeping is part and parcel of this profession, as the job involves taking payments from the client.
  • The use of computers and other telecommunication technology is another aspect of this job profile that cannot be ignored. So, individuals looking to enter this field need to be tech savvy.
  • Making room reservation for the clients over the phone or the Internet is also the responsibility of the receptionist. At times, they will also have to deal with booking cancellation.
  • Relaying messages to the client left by their guests, and arranging dispatch services to deal with a client's work is one of the other support functions. Sending e-mail reminders to clients for booking confirmation, and other related services is also done by the receptionists.
  • In some hotels, they have an extended task of managing car rentals, and flight bookings of the clients. They might also be requisitioned to book concert or game tickets, and arrange for local taxis.
  • Giving instructions and managing other internal support staff like porters, and house keeping personnel is one of their duties. They will also have to interact with the management and give them required information.
  • Arranging business conferences, and executing them is a major task for a hotel receptionist. Some even partake in the marketing of the hotel facilities to corporate houses.
  • They also have to perform general administrative duties like ordering hotel stationery and uniforms. They also have to undergo customer service training programs if arranged by the organization.
Most receptionists have flexible work timings and work 8 hour shifts. Candidates will also be required to have good stress management abilities, as sometimes they will have to deal with irate clients. The role requires individuals to undertake a multitude of tasks but those working in this field claim that job satisfaction is high.