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Hotel Assistant Manager Job Description

Marlene Alphonse
In order to be a hotel assistant manager, you require certain skills that can help you excel in the job. This story contains information regarding the hotel assistant manager job description, that will act as a guideline, if you are keen on choosing this profession...
When you walk into any hotel or restaurant, what takes you by wonder is a beautifully managed environment, where waiters and other employees go about their duties in a well synchronized manner. Right from the door attendant who welcomes guests, to the room boy, it is the job of a hotel assistant manager to take care of everything.
The assistant manager, helps the manager in handling the hotel's business. The duty and responsibility may vary according to the size of the business and the number of customers the hotel caters to.

Requirements for a Hotel Assistant Manager

A hotel assistant manager is an important and responsible post in the service industry. If you are also one of them who are aspiring to be a hotel's assistant manager, you may need to fulfill certain requirements before you take up a hotel assistant manager job.
To enter into the hotel industry as an assistant manager, one needs to be well qualified. The resume of a hotel assistant manager should hold details like a bachelor's degree in hotel management, business or any other hospitality industry. An experienced candidate is usually preferred, but if you don't have an experience, you can join as an intern.
  • The candidate should also possess qualities like customer service skills and also motivate the staff and colleagues to aim towards profitability for the organization. Since the hotel is a fast paced environment with customers coming in daily or the hotel seeing mass bookings, the assistant manager needs to be brisk and on his toes always.
Once you have joined the hotel, you may be required to supervise the daily tasks. The assistant manager helps the general manager in overseeing the everyday duties of the staff. He also assigns the tasks to the staff on a daily basis.
  • The hotel's assistant manager should possess excellent communication skills in order to communicate effortlessly with the staff and other senior managers of the hotel. He should be capable for conveying the message across to the concerned faculty, regarding any changes or additions.
  • In bigger hotels, the assistant manager may perform specific duties like supervising the other staff members, hiring and training new members etc.
Sometimes, he may also be assigned a particular department like housekeeping, maintenance or kitchen, where he oversees the work and updates the requirements and changes to the general manager. In smaller hotels, he may take care of the whole establishment.
  • The hotel assistant manager also keeps a note of the inventory, helps rent rooms to the guests, takes care of their comfort and also ensures that the requirements are taken care of. In case the hotel also has dining rooms and meeting rooms, he takes care that the everything is in order and there are no hindrances.
  • The budgets related to food, linen, kitchen utensils, cutlery, toiletries and cost of leaning etc. are fixed by the assistant manager. He may also be needed to take care of the accounts, company paperwork and auditing sessions etc.
  • Promotional ideas, advertisement campaigns and using other methods to boost the hotel's business is also one of the responsibilities of the hotel's assistant manager. He must also stay active and be in sync with the recent developments in the market regarding the hotel business and implement the same for more profits.
  • The hotel assistant manager salary range is based on the experience and skills of the individual. The average salary may begin from USD 45,000 and go up to USD 60,000 as the experience increases. The location of the hotel also plays a major role in deciding the salary of a hotel assistant manager.
If you are a person who is interested in taking up responsibilities and delivering them satisfactorily, then choose hotel assistant manager as your career. Hope you found this brief overview on hotel assistant manager job description a useful and informative one. Wish you luck!