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Hostess Job Description

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi

Are you looking forward to take up 'Host/Hostess' as a career option? Continue reading to know more about the job description and duties of a host/hostess in hotels.
Hostesses basically supervise and manage the activities in the dining area of a restaurant or hotel.
They are an important part of the work force in a hotel though the position is often deprived of attention. However, good hotels know the importance of hostesses, while other hotels look at them as a mere formality.
Hosts or hostesses in small hotels are also known as lodging desk managers, and work in small groups. Their main job, as mentioned earlier, is to look after the guests dining in the bar or restaurant. Let's take a look at the qualifications a person needs to become a host or hostess.


Educational qualifications to become a host or a hostess are that the aspirant should be at least a high school graduate. Associate degree or diploma in hotel management, fluency in a foreign language, and a course in personal and facilities management is an added advantage. Apart from this, soft speaking and adjustable nature is highly valued.
Job description for hostesses begin with a formal dress. You must have the right professional attire. Good restaurants, hotels, and airlines will have a dress code for hostesses; the important thing is to look neat and sharp.
Wear minimum jewelry and don't apply too much perfume. Your hair should be neat, clean, and tied. A hostess/host is a brand ambassador of an establishment, so your first impression must be good.

Duties and Responsibilities

The job responsibilities include keeping the desk organized and clean at all times.
  • Make sure all menus of the hotel are wiped and stain free.
  • Check with housekeeping and ensure that doors are clean and stain free.
  • Check with the telephone operator and answering machine to get an idea of all the reservations.
  • Confirm with the manager about the parties and events that are going to be held in the hotel.
  • Plan out the guest seating list and the reservations.
  • Make a note of all the supplies in the kitchen.
  • Give a warm welcome to the guests, escort them to their tables, pull out the chairs for the ladies, and present menus.
  • Make sure that the guests have been seated at their respective tables.
  • Interact with guests while taking an order. Give and accept suggestions on the food menu; make lively conversation with the guests.
  • Make sure that the hotel lobby, dining room, bathrooms, and menus are kept clean throughout hotel operations.
  • Say a warm good-bye to the guests. Check with every guest to see if everything was wonderful. Give them a comment card and ask them for their valuable feedback regarding the hotel.
The salary of a restaurant host/hostess may range from USD 15,000 to USD 27,000 a year. Expect a USD 4 to USD 10 tip if the guest enjoyed the dinner and the ambiance of the hotel. A career as a hostess is a rewarding one, however, weigh all the options before you choose any career.