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Hospitality Industry Job Descriptions

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Hospitality industry is a very large industry including specialized staff at various levels. Here, we have explained the roles and responsibilities of some important hospitality personnel.
Hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing industries today. Even the economic meltdown hasn't affected this industry significantly. Post recession, this industry is booming like never before. Every year, hundreds of thousands of jobs are generated in this sector. Jobs are available at various levels, requiring different skills and qualifications.

Job Descriptions for Hospitality Industry

Hospitality industry provides food service, accommodation, recreation to their guests. This services do not confine to hotel establishment only, but can be extended to cruises, recreational clubs and other establishments.
To manage and coordinate these aspects of hospitality industry, several skilled employees are required. They work in harmony to deliver maximum possible satisfaction to their guests. Here, hospitality job descriptions and duties of few important personnel are listed.

Food and Beverage Manager

A food and beverage manager is responsible for the food and drinks service in restaurants as well as rooms. He supervises the quality and inventory in kitchen and bars. He ensures that bar is always equipped with required stock and that barmen are efficient enough to serve drinks.
He also sees if the room service calls are promptly and efficiently executed. Another responsibility includes supervising the budget of supplies and adhering to the assigned budget. He is also responsible for the overall cleanliness of kitchen, bar and restaurant.

Head Chef

Head chef job involves deciding the menu for the restaurant, controlling quality of food served and formulating new recipes.
He must make appropriate changes to the menu as per customer requirements as well as prepare delicacies according to events or festivals. He supervises the work of assistant chefs and kitchen staff.

Front of House Manager

A front of house manager supervises the duties of receptionists, reservation clerks, porters, drivers, accountants, switch board operators, etc. He ensures that guests are allotted rooms properly and quickly.
He also overviews all allocation formalities including verification of details of guests. He takes care of prompt execution of room service. Besides, he also arranges for pickup, drop facility for guests.

Banquet Manager

Banquet manager supervises the food, beverage and recreation in a banquet room. He ensures that a profit margin is achieved for every month. He verifies the details of the party while bookings are made. He ensures that required equipment and supplies are arranged well before the function commences.
He also greets guests, directs them and orders the waiting staff regarding the service of food and beverage. Another responsibility involves taking care of minor grievances that might arise during a function. He also ensures that the surplus inventory is returned to a safe location.

Restaurant Manager

A restaurant manager is responsible for all types of services provided at restaurant. He ensures that guests are assigned proper tables and that table reservations are in order. He also supervises the cleaning and decoration of the restaurant, which includes proper table setting and flower arrangement.
He updates the menu after coordinating with food and beverage manager. He ensures that the waiting and serving staff is smartly dressed and efficient. He also supervises the cleanliness in sitting as well as waiting area. A restaurant manager also resolves customer complaints regarding food or service.

Head Housekeeper

A head housekeeper is responsible for the cleaning of all hotel rooms, restaurants as well as public areas in a hotel. He ensures that rooms are cleaned on a daily basis and that linen is replaced everyday.
A housekeeper also maintains an adequate supply of bedding, linen, covers, sheets etc. He also attends the room service calls regarding housekeeping duties. In addition, he is responsible for the proper training of other housekeeping staff.

Training and Personnel Management

Formulates the hiring policy of the hospitality organization. He ensures that hiring procedure stays within the prescribed budget. Besides, he is also responsible for the appointment of efficient staff. He ensures that newly appointed employees receive proper induction program. He also overviews the appraisal and performance evaluation of the staff.

Operations Manager

An operations manager is responsible for smooth functioning of all departments. He ensures that customer satisfaction is met through effective policy implementation. He also supervises the allocation of resources and maximization of profit margin.
This was all about the various positions and careers in hospitality industry. Apart from these key personnel, there are several other employees who contribute in their own way to this industry.