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Hospital Housekeeping Jobs

Gaynor Borade
Hospitals are designed to accommodate an infrastructure that goes beyond the delivery of medical care. Among the various departments that contribute to the successful running of a hospital, one very important segment is housekeeping.
The housekeeping department in a hospital features at the very core of day-to-day activities. The department is as versatile as its staff. The staff delivering housekeeping is required to deliver the best in hygiene.
The term is an extension of 'house' and 'keeping'. Literally, the correct understanding of what the term implies comes from the challenges faced to keep a clean and disease-free home. Only here the hospital becomes home, the temporary home to patients. Modern housekeeping goes beyond.
Hospital housekeeping is a department that is incorporated within the core activities of the unit. The department is probably second in size only to the structure. It is not uncommon to see more housekeeping staff than doctors.

Understanding the Implications

Hospital housekeeping staff enjoys a separate hierarchy. The jobs involve regular cleaning of rooms and wards, changing linen, maintenance of set standards of hygiene and meeting special health and wellness requirements.


The job is lucrative and the staff enjoys great benefits. The remuneration packages are competitive. The department enjoys recognition of being the one with the lowest turnover rate on account of increased job satisfaction. But, just like homemaking does not come easily to all, neither does patient care via hospital housekeeping.
There is a training involved and special workshops organized from time to time. Nevertheless, good hospital housekeeping also needs a true calling to the vocation. There are a number of online sites that facilitate hospital housekeeping searches and enable enthusiasts to find the suitable openings.

Training for Hospital Housekeeping

The training involves hands on experience with applications designed to provide the highest quality linen management services. The workshops and on-job training programs are designed to equip the staff with knowledge on:
  • Support services needed by medical facilities
  • Developing expertise and team spirit within the system
  • Delivering reliable, high quality and cost-effective housekeeping services
  • Endeavoring to exceed expectations for cleanliness
The training is offered at both, management and entry-level. The programs cover all aspects of housekeeping management that affect public health, with the help of professional faculty. Hospital housekeeping renders services that are supposed to compliment the delivery of accurate medication.
There are many instances on record that are related to delay in the restoration of mental health and kids' health as well as administration of alternative medicines and holistic medicines due to shortcomings within the housekeeping department. Hence, employers are more cautious and generally avoid taking on untrained hands.

Some Hospital Housekeeping Job Profiles

The Environmental Services Technician

This technician ensures that the area allotted to his care is kept clean. He or she bears the responsibility of ensuring a disease-free environment and develop plans for future application of the equipment on hand.

Director of Housekeeping

This healthcare professional is expected to handle the synchronization of housekeeping activities in hospitals with large infrastructures. He or she is responsible for the planning, organizing and developing an infrastructure that functions in sync.

Housekeeping Supervisor

The Housekeeping Supervisor, as the name suggests, holds a supervisory post. He or she monitors the activities of the on-floor housekeeping staff. This person also holds the responsibility of reporting to the Environmental Services Technician, and troubleshoot snags that may hamper either staff or patient movement or comfort.

Housekeeping On-floor Providers

The on-floor providers are the ones who deliver the program. These professionals are assigned to maintain ward and room decor and ambiance. They handle the supplies first-hand and aid in maintaining a disease-free environment.

Where to Find Hospital Housekeeping Employment

Hospital jobs in housekeeping are listed with local employment bureaus, as well as online. There are a number of private medical centers, intensive care units and hospices that consistently work towards bettering their standards and infrastructure. This has resulted in regular job postings.
The best way to get a hospital housekeeping job is to make multiple copies of your resume and make your interest in the job known. Through social networking sites and job portals you can come across many vacancies in hospital housekeeping.
Today most of the hospitals give information about the requirement on their website. So, just make a list of good hospitals, visit their website and send your resume through mail on their mail address or personally drop your resume at their office. Take follow-up and wait for their response.
Housekeeping jobs in hospital is a sector where you can easily get a job without any experience. But for a job like this, you should have the willingness to serve people who are ill and need extra care. So kindness and care has to be a very important part of your occupation.