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Highly Paid Jobs in USA

Ishani Chatterjee Shukla
What are the highly paid jobs in USA in the recent times? What jobs are considered the top grossers among all careers options available today? Let's find out for ourselves!
Career is the hottest issue for just about anyone! A person's occupation always manages to grab the most significant part of his/her life and existence than anything else, stealthily nudging its way ahead of personal interests and, often, leaving little or no room for leisure, bonding and intimacy!
Today's work life is hectic and highly competitive. Each working and aspiring professional is an active participant in the proverbial rat race - a rat race to get into the highest paying jobs available! So, what are the most financially rewarding jobs these days? Let alone the rest of the world, what are the most highly paid jobs in USA? Let's find out!

Most Handsomely Paid Jobs in the US

The listed high paying jobs are among the ten hottest careers in US as of this year!

Careers Requiring Specialized Degrees

These jobs require a solid academic background and specific specializations in the relevant fields of study. Acquiring these degrees may take anywhere between 2-10 years of college but the career opportunities they open up are well worth the time and effort invested.


This one ranks among the top three highest paying jobs in America today! With an annual income ranging between USD 102,872 and USD 404,288, the field of surgery offers much more than just the money!
The respect that accompanies this profession and the sense of immense satisfaction that one derives on being able to save human lives is unmatched by any other profession or activity in the entire world! The profession of surgery is closely followed on its heels by that of physicians.
Both are among the top jobs in America. However, it takes hard work, excellent academic grades and years of training (10-15 years) to get to this level. Indeed, this profession is one where hard work, patience and perseverance pays off and the remuneration is well worth the personal sacrifices and investments!

Airline Pilot

The career of an airline pilot is literally one where only the sky is the limit! For a pilot, the scope of flying is not confined to commercial aircraft alone - he can also captain helicopters, test aircraft, opt for a career as an aviation director, crop dust, monitor air traffic and fly cargo planes!
Although not a necessity, the very high competition levels compel many airlines to ask for a four-year bachelor's degree from candidates aspiring to apply to them. The training period may range between 5-10 years and the average annual remuneration fits in somewhere between USD 43,233 and USD 298,015.


Brightening up someone's smile is a noble as well as a lucrative career option.
With so many people wanting to go for dental procedures such as smile correction, cosmetic dental procedures and corrective dental alignment procedures, the age-old profession of dentistry is a flourishing career and a high paying job that promises pecuniary success like never before!
No wonder, it is one of the most highly paid jobs in USA in the present times! The training time is about 8 years before independent professional practice and the average annual remuneration ranges between USD 71,997 and USD 217,316.

Marketing/Sales Manager

If you've survived sales to reach up to this level, hats off to you! Sales and marketing are very tough but wickedly interesting career fields. Especially sales! This field teaches you everything you need to know to survive the urban jungle!
This is among the top 10 careers in the corporate sector. Backbreaking hard work, on-the-field innovations and creative customer handling make the lucrative paycheck well worth the efforts! The average annual remuneration of a marketing/sales manager comes to somewhere between USD 39,577 and USD 102,253.

Management Analyst

Management analyst is among the most popular and highest paying entry-level careers in the corporate sector.
Included among the high paying jobs in USA, a management analyst is entrusted with the duties of analyzing business and operative procedures to invent the most optimum ways of getting things done by making maximum use of available resources in the least time possible, taking care to increase efficiency of performance at the same time.
This is one of the best career opportunities in corporate technical field. The average annual remuneration is between USD 44,499 and USD 98,483. Other high paying entry-level jobs are investment banking, electrical engineering, petroleum engineering and landscape architecture. These fit within an average annual salary range between USD 48,000 and USD 93,000.
There are many other jobs which can be considered as high paying jobs such as air traffic controller, lawyer, anesthesiologist, actuary, financial analyst, insurance broker, etc. The profession of a private detective is among exciting jobs that pay well! A few other in demand jobs are those of:
  • Software Engineering
  • Network System and Data Communication Analyst
  • Podiatrist
  • Natural Sciences Manager
  • Database Administrator
  • Game Designers and Developers
  • Accountant
  • Education Administrators
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Behavior Disorder Counseling

Careers Not Requiring Specialized Degrees

Surprisingly, some of the highest paid jobs today are those that do not require any professional degree. These include various easy jobs for college students that pay well and include the positions of computer lab assistant, IT support and admin assistant. Other such top paying jobs without a degree are:
  • Trucking
  • Nuclear Power Reactor Operator
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Gaming Manager
  • Fitness Trainer
  • Freelance Writer
  • Event Manager
  • Logistics Manager
These are some of the highest paid jobs in USA presently. Most of them are extremely specialized and require candidates with technical degrees. But, some of them pay well without any specialized degree. Some high salary jobs like gynecologists, obstetricians, human resources manager, market research analyst, etc. are considered as best jobs for women.
Are you fresh out of college or plan to switch companies? These careers are the hottest this season and careers in financial services sector, information technology and medical sector are among best jobs for the future. If you're planning an entire career change, research over the career trends before switching. Wish you a bright professional future ahead!