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Highest Paying Jobs with a Bachelor's Degree

Ujwal Deshmukh
There are many people who search for the highest paying jobs with a bachelor's degree. Read on for a related information.
It has always been a conception that people holding a master's degree get highly paid for their work. However, with the emergence of new industries, concepts, expansion of markets, and the need for talented individuals, the scenario has improved, and people holding a bachelor's degree have also started to earn handsomely.
This information gives you a list of those highest paying jobs with a bachelor's degree. Before going through them, however, it would be better for you to decide your interests and goals in life so that the job brings the best out of you and you could prove yourself to the world.

Computer Software Engineer

This is a highly sought after job. As a computer software engineer, your main work area will be that of software development, through the application of mathematical analysis and the basic as well as advanced principles of computer science.
A bachelor's degree in computer software, computer science, or computer application is enough for this job. However, to reach a high paying job in a reputed organization, you need to gather some industry experience and work on a low salary for a year or two in a small scale firm.
A fairly experienced person in this industry can earn up to $54,467 to $123,086 annually. Moreover, the growth opportunities also are enormous.

Financial Adviser

For people having a liking for finance, becoming a financial adviser can be a very good choice. Financial advisers are people rendering advises pertaining to insurance, investments, financial planning for small and large businesses, risk management, advises and tips on how to sell your business, etc.
This business is supposed to grow at a higher rate, as in the near future it is estimated that many people are going to retire, and therefore there will be a serious need of financial management. A financial adviser with an average business volume draws between a range of $36,178 to $163,510 annually.

Fashion Designer

Amongst the hottest occupations today, is fashion designing! Creative people with interests in fashion and costume designing can take up this job. Working with a small company in the initial days will give a proper understanding of all the aspects of this business.
At a later stage, when you start your own business, you can definitely earn a lot. Although the business competition in this industry is huge, after all it is your uniqueness in designs and your advertising techniques that matter a lot. As a fashion designer, in the beginning, you can earn anywhere around $33,633 to $103,431in a year.

Public Relation Officer

Not many people go for this job, as not everyone has the knack to deal with customer effectively. It also requires superior skills of properly handling customer complaints and queries. But, if you think you have the quality of effective customer handling in you, then this job is one great career opportunity for you.
One should not expect to get appointed as an officer right away in the beginning of his career. One needs to start as an executive and learn to maintain relations with not only the customers, but also social organizations, media, government, politicians, etc.
You will have to solve conflicts yourself fearlessly and build your own as well as your organization's reputation. On an average a public relation officer earns around $35,202 to $101,034 in a year.

Writer and Editor

Jobs as a writer and editor are comparatively less preferred. The reason behind this is that for these jobs, you need to have a liking for writing coupled up with writing skills to excel in this field.
Being an editor is even more difficult, as criticizing constructively and picking out relevant mistakes is not everyone's cup of tea! People, quite confident about their skills can pursue a long time career in this field, as nowadays there are many websites, magazines, and newspapers looking out for talented writers and editors.
An annual income of around $44,000 is quite decent, but on being established as a writer, a person can easily earn up to $100,000 per year.

Air Traffic Controller

Highly respected, but very less known! Air traffic control, as the name suggests is all about guiding, managing and controlling the air traffic at the airports. Being an air traffic controller is not easy. This involves continuous concentration, as the smallest of your mistakes can create a big problem and put many lives in danger.
There are no special degrees as such for this job, therefore you need to take up a course on air traffic controlling designed by the International Air Transport Association and clear the examination.
The average income of an air traffic controller is around $39,039 to $153,589. But yes, be ready to face the challenge, as the work, apart from being difficult and risky, also demands long working hours.

Sales Executive

You can prosper a lot as a sales executive, but only if you know how to sell things! Planning, managing, and organizing are all skills that you will learn with time and experience, but the basic pre-requisite is to know how to sell things and earn customer satisfaction.
In the beginning, you may not get paid much, but through experience and performance you will definitely be eligible for higher remunerations and incentives. On an average, sales executives earn up to $123,151as salary and incentives based on the performance, exclusive of the salary.

Human Resources Personnel

Many people think of the human resources as a high paying and a less strenuous field. However, this is partly right. Human resources can definitely be well paid, but the volume of work and stress is quite huge.
Work of the human resource personnel ranges from resource planning, administration, staff welfare to resolving conflicts between the staff and arranging extra curricular activities in the office.
Starting as an executive will give a better idea of the work and through experience and performance one can definitely climb up to higher designations. On an average, a person working in human resource management can earn about an average of $64,000 per year.

Real Estate Broker

Real estate brokers are in demand as people nowadays want to avail the best deals on home buying and selling. Real estate brokers fulfill this purpose by doing everything for their customer saving their time and efforts searching for good deals.
One may find people just fooling around, and in the end, buying nothing. Therefore, a real estate broker need to be alert about such people and accordingly deal with all the real estate negotiations. The amount of commission one earns, depends upon the business volume. However, with a moderately large business one can earn on an average of $51,760 per year.


Auditors were in demand, are in demand, and will be in demand for many years to come. Auditors not only keep track of things, but also suggest developmental procedures for defective work systems, and therefore ensure that everything is done according to the organizational procedures.
It is therefore, necessary that auditors are intelligent and responsible enough to act as catalysts for the company's growth. Auditors are required in almost all the productive and non productive departments of a company.
Some of these include accounting, human resource management, finance, marketing, sales, etc. Auditors generally earn on an average $54,786 per year, but experienced auditors definitely exceed this figure.

Market Research Analysts

It is a false notion that a job in marketing requires a master's degree. Of course, to get a higher position right in the beginning itself, you need a masters qualification! But, for designations such as analysts and executives, you need not necessarily do a masters in marketing.
Market research analysis involves a detailed study of the market, including the consumers as well as the competitors and their products. You need to understand the needs and demands of the consumers and also the drawbacks of your organization.
Moreover, you have to prepare reports of this study and present it before the higher management for further planning. Experience and knowledge backed up with performance will help you reach newer heights in this industry. A market research analysts earns in a range of $37,010 to $75,638 per year.
Concentrating on overall career growth and not only on the salaries offered is advised. Wish you a prosperous career ahead!