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High-paying Summer Jobs

Stephen Rampur
High-paying summer jobs are good options if you want to use the summer time in the best manner, which is by earning a decent amount of cash. These jobs are mostly in demand in the student community...
Most teens and students choose to work during their time when they have summer vacations in school. For such individuals, there is a wide range of well paying summer jobs available. These jobs are ideal choices for making the most of your free time, keeping yourself busy, gaining some work experience, and also earning a decent supplementary income.
These jobs can be pursued on either a part-time or full-time basis; full-time during summers. These jobs also might give students first-hand experience which does count in future endeavors in the corporate industry. Companies normally hire teenagers or students for temporary projects such as marketing and promotions.


This is probably the best alternative among summer jobs if you are interested in the field of photography. In order to do this job, you simply require basic photography skills and good networking techniques to get small projects.
A short photography course will surely help you to become a freelance photographer. You can work as a photographer in weddings, parties, and other such occasions.

Golf Course Jobs

The most popular golf course job is that of a caddy. Your main duties would be to carry the golf bag along, clean golf balls, and do almost everything required by the player for the game.
The pay is also good, ranging from $12 to $14 per hour for just around 5 hours of work. There are many other jobs which are available at golf courses, one of which is being part of the golf course maintenance staff.


This is also one of the cool summer jobs for students. You will need to make sure that the people are safe, and not violating any rules of the pool. However, for doing this job, you need to possess the American Red Cross Lifeguard certification, which can even be taken by those as young as 15 years old. You can easily get paid around $10 on an hourly basis.

Food Servers and Housekeepers

A job as a food server or housekeeper is most popular among students. There are many food joints, restaurants, and hotels where you can work in. You will have to attend customers, take their orders, and provide with the same.
If not a food server, you can work as a housekeeper. In this job, you will have to clean and maintain hotel rooms. Along with a per hour pay, you also get tips from satisfied customers, which can add up to the income. You can even earn up to $25 per hour including tips.

Store Jobs

You can work at any store and earn a good amount of per hour income. You will have to keep a record of product inventory, restock shelves, operate cash register, and attend customer queries.
You will need to have direct communication with consumers, which would improve your interpersonal skills. A person working at the store or as a product merchandiser can earn anywhere around $12 to $15 per hour. You can even work as a sales representative in a showroom or store.


Since parents would not mind paying extra for getting their child taken care of when they are working, you can earn a good amount from this job. The only requirement for this summer job is to have the desire to take care of children and lots of patience.
Being a babysitter is one of the best summer jobs particularly for girls. The pay ranges from $16 to $20 an hour, which may increase depending on the number of children you are looking after. Same goes for a pet sitter, wherein you need to have a tolerance for pets.
Though these jobs are done on a short term basis, they do add some amount of skill to a person. Good examples are interpersonal and time management skills, which really are important to succeed in life. Jobs such as recreation coordinators and store attendants are ideal jobs to increase your administrative and interpersonal skills.
Other high-paying jobs for college students are gas station attendants and camp counselors. Nowadays, you can even come up with creative summer job ideas using the Internet.