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High-paying Low-stress Jobs

Stephen Rampur
While it is obvious that a high-paying job is generally very stressful, you would be surprised to know that there are a few career options that pay fairly well and yet, are not as demanding. The CareerStint article below enlists some high-paying, low-stress jobs that might attract you.
Quite honestly, there is no job in the world that does not involve stress. It is an accompanying factor with every job. Possibly, you may be relieved from stress in the initial years, however, as you obtain promotions and climb up the ladder of success, your responsibilities increase and consequently, you will be stressed out.
It is a common misconception that you will be very stressed out in jobs that you are not interested in. While it may be partly true, the truth is that stress accompanies jobs that hold your interest as well. However, there are a few jobs that might involve a considerably lower amount of stress as compared to the obvious choices of highly stressful jobs. A list of high-paying, low-stress jobs is given in the article below.

Top High-Paying, Low-Stress Jobs

Pastry Chef

A career as a pastry chef can be a stress-relieving job. One of the principal reasons for this is the job creativity. Pastry chefs are an indispensable part of any high-profile kitchen. They are responsible for making all types of baked food items and desserts in elite restaurants and casinos.
Of course, they will be busy while making delicious goodies for the esteemed guests, yet, they do not literally have to run about or be on their toes all day (unless a really big order needs to be fulfilled in less time).
They are paid fairly well as per designation, and they are allowed to use creativity in their delicacies, which reduces stress and provides job satisfaction. A majority of these professionals start out with their everyday work before dawn, which makes it easy for them to travel in very less time. Their job is kind of a 'do your job and enjoy' work.

Content Writer

Content writing is all about expressing your point of view to readers according to your knowledge in a particular field. The primary requirement for this field is a good knowledge of the English language.
You need to have a flair for writing. Again, job creativity plays a major role here. Certainly, you might have work pressure in website companies, yet, on the whole, you are doing something that does not involve too much complexity.
You may write for companies, magazines, blogs, etc., and draw a handsome salary. Writing is one of those fields, which has a massive following for freelancers. With freelancing, you can set your own price per article and make good money.

Massage Therapist

A career as a massage therapist is also a good choice if you are looking for something that pays more. As a massage therapist, you will mostly work on your own or be employed in a really elite spa. If you have your own spa, you will not have any traveling woes.
This point eliminates about 40% of the job stress. Next, you may be aware that massages (or for that matter, any beauty and body comfort treatment) are highly-priced.
Massage therapists who provide their services in spas, hospitals, and hotels do not worry about the work pressure; the only aim here is to make the customer happy and increase business.
Moreover, the work environment in which they work is also soothing; it involves soft lighting, aromatherapy candles, and soft music. Consequently, they enjoy their work and draw a highly substantial salary.

Physical Therapist

One of the primary reasons this job is almost free of stress is the flexible shift. Physical therapists do not necessarily work regular hours. They may work on a contract basis too. They help the injured get back on their feet. In a way, they are responsible for the patient's complete rehabilitation.
Though the job has a lot of responsibility, it may not be that stressful. These therapists are highly paid, and most of them enjoy their job thoroughly. It makes them feel useful to help someone out of trouble; at the same time, it does not involve constant running about or meeting deadlines. Salaries may vary as per the employer.

Art Directors

They are mostly responsible for directing commercials and advertisements. Some of them work in the television and theater, and this might certainly be stressful. However, with art direction agencies, there is lesser pressure for immediate project completion.
Also, the job requires innovation, and this is a contributing factor for lesser stress. They may also have publications on the internet and other media. Since the field is consumer-oriented, the salaries are generally high.


Audiologists are responsible for treating patients with hearing problems. No, they are not ENT specialists. They make use of advanced equipment and special techniques to diagnose the ear-related and other balance problems in the patient.
You must be wondering how a job related to the field of medicine is less stressful, but the fact is, audiologists have reasonably flexible schedules. What's more, the work is quite specific and clear, without extremely major decision-making.
That is to say, if a patient requires an ear operation, an audiologist will recommend the same accordingly, but he may or may not conduct the operation. His diagnosis needs to be crisp and accurate, and he needs to know how to use the advanced machines. While it is a responsible job, it does not involve a lot of stress, and is highly paid.

Web Content Editor

Similar to a content writer, a content editor enjoys job creativity too. His job is to edit the articles that the writer writes. He has to verify and correct the factual and grammatical errors. He has to effectively proofread the entire content. The job is very creative and interesting, and fetches a very good salary.
He is also responsible for planning, rectifying, and publishing old and new content. Modifying content gives creative space to the editor to view the article from a neutral point of view, and this fact is dealt with on an everyday basis, with articles of different genres.

Social Media Manager

Social media is the first thing one thinks of when they surf the internet. There was a time when people would go to any lengths to protect their privacy; quite the contrary, people today upload anything and everything (literally) on the social media platforms.
The person who manages the content on these platforms is a social media manager. Most of the businesses today market themselves on social media.
Companies hire managers to implement marketing strategies, check the market situation, view the communication regarding the product, analyze product reviews, etc., on social media. The job description is an answer in itself; even at regular office jobs, all employees do during the break time is, check out the social networking sites.
And if this is what the person has to deal with all day, it is certainly one interesting job. Social media managers have lesser pressure and demands as compared to other professions. They are paid very well too.
These are some of the high-paying, low-stress jobs. Remember though, that to a great extent, your perspective matters on whether the job is stressful or not. If you like the job and are willing to take on responsibilities, you will find nothing that stops you from being carefree instead of stressful.