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High Paying Jobs Without a Degree

Parashar Joshi
Well, if you're on the lookout for suggestions regarding possible high paying jobs without a degree, you've come to the right place. Read on to know more about them, what kind of qualification you would require and the future prospects!
If you are under the impression that a big fat university degree is what it takes to land a high paying job, then you're wrong. There are several occupations, employment options and career opportunities out there in the market which do not require a formal degree, or in some cases, prior work experience.

Top 10 High Paying Jobs Without a Degree

Real Estate Agent

Becoming a successful realtor or real estate agent does not require you to have a formal degree as such. All you need is a certain amount of background information about the area of work, job responsibilities and a little bit of legal know-how.
All this knowledge can be obtained and learned through short classroom courses. Realtors can either be self-employed or they can work with a real estate firm.

Gaming Manager

The name itself sounds very interesting, doesn't it? Well if you like the idea of managing a gaming console or even a casino for that matter, then this job may turn out to be perfect for you. It is a relatively high paying entry-level job, and more importantly, it is something different from the regular run-of-the-mill 9 to 5 corporate jobs.

Event Manager

Event management and party planning is a fast-growing field all over the world. It is something that can be pursued both, on full-time as well as part-time basis.
There are lots of working professionals and homemakers who consider getting into event planning, simply because of the novelty factor associated with this career. If you have a natural knack and liking for organizing functions, events, etc. then this job would be quite suitable for you.

Fashion Designer

Creativity, imagination and a taste for fashion is what is proves to be important in the field of fashion designing.
Yes, formal degrees or diplomas in fashion designing do have their fair share of advantages and benefits, but it is not impossible for a person without a degree to venture into this field and become successful.
If you have an eye for detail, a creative spark within you, and you can play around with fabrics and designs, then this job could be yours for the taking! It is a very good option as far as high paying jobs for women are concerned.

Private Investigator

If the idea of doing detective work and tracking down criminals appeals to you, then maybe you could think of becoming a private investigator.
Here is how you could become a private investigator. This too, does not require a formal degree as such. What you would require to do is join a detective school or something similar and get the necessary theoretical training and field work experience. This too, can be labeled as a high paying career without a degree requirement.

Commercial Pilot

Being a commercial pilot is a good career option. Although most airline carriers require pilots to have a formal educational degree, some of them only require a certified pilot's license and completing a necessary quota of flying hours to land a job as commercial pilot. The future is bright in this particular field and good pilots will always be in demand.

Police Officer

How about getting on the right side of the law? Ever given that a thought? Becoming a police officer requires basic training for a few months in the subjects of law enforcement, arms training, field work, etc.
As you gain in experience, so will your salary shoot in terms of number of zeros. For people on the lookout for high paying jobs without experience, this could be the right thing for you (plus the honor of being a police officer). Think about it.

Computer Specialist

If you're really good at computer related technologies and related skills such as troubleshooting networks, network configuration and administration, etc., then you could definitely get a job as a computer specialist or network administrator.
It is highly in demand, and as long as you know your work inside out, you won't need to worry about the salary.

Power Plant Operator

There are various sub-specializations in this type of job. For example, you could consider being an operator in a nuclear power plant, or in the automobile sector, industrial sector, manufacturing sector, etc. All you will need to acquire, is some basic training pertaining to the field of work and knowledge of the power plant operational practices.

Air Traffic Controller

Currently, this particular job is highly spoken of as being a good contender for this list. Of course, field-specific training is a must in this case (as is with any other job).
However, with the volume of air traffic increasing with every passing day, the demand for good air traffic controllers is only likely to increase, which labels this job as one with a bright future.
The commercial diver job also is one of the big paying jobs without a degree. Moreover, the profile is such that one gets to undertake a variety of interesting activities. Let us find more on this job.
The profiles of commercial divers come with different titles like 'Scuba diver', 'Marine diver', 'Submarine diver', etc. All these different types of divers have different functions to carry out.
Training the other divers, setting up dive sites, supervising the activity of hobby diving, etc. are few of the numerous responsibilities handled by commercial divers. Vocational training and diploma courses can be used to enter the field of commercial diving.
A good vision, ability to manipulate & assemble objects, spatial orientation, etc. are some of the skills and abilities that commercial divers need to have.
This was a short overview of different types of high paying jobs that don't need a degree. All the best!