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High-paying Jobs With No Degree

Stephen Rampur
The best benefit of high-paying jobs without a degree is that you need not undergo intensive degree programs for a job that would pay you substantially. There are many high-paying jobs with no degree available today, which can earn equally or more as compared to jobs which necessarily require a degree...
Many people think, incorrectly, that getting good-paying jobs without a degree is not possible. They think that to get the best pay, you compulsorily need to earn an intensive education degree in that field. High-paying jobs without experience and entry-level jobs are easy to get if you show the basic requirements needed for excelling in that job sector.
The best way to get to know about a certain job is to undergo related training and certification. Nowadays, with efficient training and certification programs, individuals need not wait for 4 years to get respectable jobs without a degree.

Top 10 High-paying Jobs Without a Degree

The jobs mentioned ahead are some of the high-paying jobs that do not require a degree. Of course, some amount of education and studies will be required to secure such jobs, along with the training and necessary certification.

Air Traffic Controller

This job does not require a college degree, however, it requires one to take a class from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), pass the medical and drug examinations, and undergo a security clearance procedure. After you pass all these requirements, you can earn a salary of more than $150,000 per annum.

Airline Piloting Careers

This is probably the highest-paying job without a degree, however the requirements may seem a bit complicated and tough.
The prerequisites for being an airline pilot demands training for the airline transport flying license, passing a written and practical test, holding 1,500 flight hours experience, and being 23 or more years old. The earnings of an airline pilot can range from $60,000 to $250,000 per annum.

Nuclear Power Reactor Operator

A career as a nuclear power reactor operator can also be one of the high-paying jobs without a degree.
The annual pay that relates to this job is approximately $71,000. No degree is required, but you would inevitably need to go through intensive on-the-job training, and pass an examination for getting the required license.

Information Technology Careers

A majority of careers in the information technology sector do not require a specialized college degree.
However, if you want to get IT jobs, you need to undergo some related training and certification to render you capable for these jobs.
You can get IT certified from many well-known universities and agencies, and find yourself earning around $80,000 to $150,000 per annum. For getting software development and hardware jobs, you simply need to be computer savvy.

Writing Careers

If you do not have a university degree, and are good at writing, you can choose a career in writing. This is a diverse field with sections such as creative writing, content writing, technical writing, resume writing, etc.
A degree or training may not be needed for all fields, except technical writing, which requires some specialized training courses to be undertaken. If you opt for a writing career, you can earn an annual pay of about $85,000 to $120,000.

Police Officer

Police officer jobs are one of the law enforcement careers which do not demand a university degree, but require intensive physical training.
You would require to go through training at the police academy, a psychological examination, and a criminal background check. After you are selected to do live tasks, you may get a pay of approximately $88,000 per annum.

Automobile Mechanic

To become an automobile mechanic, the primary skill you should possess is the capability to disassemble and set vehicles together again. In this career, the pay largely depends upon the work assignments you get in a day. No degree, only technical skills are required to be set in this career.

Plumbing, Carpentry, Welding, and Electrician Careers

These are some of the simplest careers which are not thought of by many people, yet have a respectable income.
Technical and logical skills are the reasons why these professionals are in so much demand. Median earning of plumbers, carpenters, welders, and electricians ranges from $44,000 to $55,000 per annum.

Real Estate Careers

There are many people who think that real estate agents do not get substantial earnings. However, these professionals normally earn a salary of around $69,000 to $100,000 per annum.
A degree is not required, but the job demands you to undergo a 60-hour training, and participate in dealing in real estate for one to three years before you obtain the broker's license.

Mining Careers

Careers in this sector just require some amount of technical know-how and experience of working and operating in a mine. If you become a mine manager, you are eligible for a pay of over $155,000 per annum.

Other High-paying Careers Without a Degree

Other careers with good per hour earning include firefighters ($15/hour), telecommunications equipment installers and repairers ($20/hour), truck drivers ($20/hour), masons ($21/hour), postal service employees ($17/hour), etc.
These were some of the most popular high-paying careers with no degree. If you do not possess a university degree and still want to earn a respectable income, you can opt for any of these careers.