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High-Paying Jobs That Don’t Require a Four-Year Degree

Going to college is tough, but there are programs offered in college that don’t require a four-year degree to make good money.
Modern Times
Life gets you down sometimes, and getting a college degree can be hard. You can shorten the length of time that you’ll be attending school by looking into a job that’s high paying but doesn’t require a four-year degree.

You can still do something you love and take care of your other responsibilities at the same time!

Automotive Repair

Do you like working with your hands? Then a career in automotive repair may be just the career for you. If you take automotive, diesel and collision repair academic programs, you can make upwards of $50,000 a year and even own your own business.

Although working for a big company has its perks, being your own boss is very appealing.

Computer Programmer

If you love computers, going into a career as a computer programmer could be a great move, Programmers create and edit computer code that allows programs to function.

The median pay for this job is $82,240 a year, which isn’t bad at all for not having a four-year degree.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Medical sonographers work under the direction of doctors in a hospital, clinic, medical center, or laboratory.

There are programs offered to those who can afford to take a one or two year college degree that will lead to an average salary of $65,620 a year.

Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacy technicians assist the pharmacist in dispensing medication. This career does not require any formal training and most technicians receive on-the-job training.

There are some colleges that offer pharmacy technician courses and they average about one year. The average salary for a pharmacy technician is $31,750 annually.

CNC Machinist

If you’re good at mechanics, you can become a CNC machinist. CNC machinists operate and occasionally fix the CNC machines that control automated warehouse tools.

The average salary for a CNC machinist is $34,080 annually. The best part about this job is that it does not require any type of degree at all.
Finding a high paying job with no degree is hard but often, if you have some college, you can find a great job.

Working with your hands fixing machinery, installing Everdrain™ roofing, or even helping in construction often just requires a high school diploma or equivalent and pay as much as $25/hour. Explore every career option you can!