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High-paying Jobs for People with No Experience

Stephen Rampur
Experience counts a lot when it comes to getting a job or being promoted. However, there are some jobs which freshers can work in, and still get a decent amount of income. Let's have a look at few high-paying jobs for people with no experience...
In today's job market, you will find that experience is given a lot of importance along with the person's educational qualifications. Experience certainly increases your job, salary, and promotion prospects. Due to increased demand in a variety of services in new industries, there are many jobs available even if you do not possess any experience.
Besides, these jobs have an acceptable income and may not demand any educational qualifications. A majority of these careers offer specialized on-the-job trainings. Working in these jobs can be a stepping stone for getting familiar with the corporate industry.

Trucking Jobs

Trucking jobs are believed to be one of the most suitable options for those with no education and experience. The obvious requirement for this job is to know the basics of driving a truck.
Trucking companies train their candidates and educate them about the techniques of driving, road safety, and other skills needed in the job. A heavy trucker can easily earn in the range of US$31,943 to US$70,575 per annum.

Writing Jobs

Nowadays, there are plenty of writing jobs out there to work in. Since writing is required by all industries, there are many opportunities present such as technical writing, creative writing, freelance writing, business writing, and so on.
A mandatory requirement for this field of work is to have strong written communication skills and a bit of creativity. A job as technical writer may require you to have a diploma or a certificate in technical documentation. On an average, a writer can earn about US$48,600 per annum.

Technical Support Jobs

These careers are considered the most appropriate options to get into the IT industry. Technical support jobs are associated with providing assistance to computer users facing technical issues with their systems.
After a few months of working in this area, a technical support executive may become familiar with the core working of the IT industry. This may help him advance in any specialty which he finds interesting. With a couple of months in the industry, you can earn between US$29,230 and US$60,238 per year.

Hotel and Hospitality Jobs

Entry-level hotel and restaurant jobs might not require experience, but a great amount of physical fitness. Along with a basic monthly salary, hotel staff enjoy a good amount of tips from satisfied customers.
Your salary shoots up substantially if you work at a hotel in cities like New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. On the other hand, those working on cruises and resorts may even earn a respectable salary. On an average, the pay in hotel and hospitality jobs comes to about US$35,000.

Aviation Jobs

There are a number of entry-level jobs in this aviation sector. Some of the most popular ones are ticketing agents and ramp workers.
These jobs require an individual to undergo on-the-job training which includes understanding the working of various air travel procedures like, ticketing, security checks, customer services, handling emergency situations, etc. It has been reported that a ticketing clerk earns about US$36,000 per year. The salary prospects may change from position to position.

Photography Jobs

This job is mainly for those who have a flair for photography. In order to become an entry-level photographer, you need to be well aware of photography techniques and keep a portfolio of your work ready.
Beginners can expect a pay of about US$43,000. Some employers may require you to complete a course in professional photography. This can be an interesting job, as you may get to attend weddings, fashion shows, and other such events.
These careers play an important role in helping a fresher gain quality experience which may prove beneficial in his future endeavors. Few of these fields like writing and photography offer work on a part-time basis as well. Though careers like these do not require any prior experience, they do demand a certain level of skill, knowledge, and physical fitness.