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High Paying Careers in Demand

Ishani Chatterjee Shukla
Would you go for a career in medicine or is law a more lucrative field? Let's look at some financially rewarding careers that are in demand and see what profile does justice to your academic specialization besides minting the bucks for you!
The present generation of teenagers, college graduates and working people are spoiled for choice when it comes to careers options. The fact that this is the age of opportunities can be perfectly seen from the great number of some highest paying careers that require academic qualification as well as a decent number of well-paying careers without degrees!

Top Paying Careers in Demand

Besides being lucrative career options in the present times, this list of careers that pay handsomely includes some of the top jobs in demand for the future as well! Check out the these high paying career options that any freshman or career switcher must consider in their field of specialization and experience!


This is a very promising career for medical students and is among one of the highest paying entry-level careers in the field of medicine!
Be it private research firms or government laboratories, the advance and growth of biotechnology has opened new doors of opportunity for professional biochemists and the paycheck is good to look at too! On an average, a biochemist can earn around $58,684 per annum!

Investment Banker

Despite the recovering economic conditions as a result of the recession aftermath, the earning potential for this job profile is still pretty promising!
Whether you join an investment banking firm or open your own private consultancy, you can earn an average of $96,476 per annum in the given investment market scenario and provided you have an MBA in finance or any similar certification from a decent institute and lady luck is beneficently poised towards you!


It appears that careers in medicine top the list of highly paid jobs in USA! A surgeon is likely to earn an average annual package of $121,356! The profile of a surgeon ranks high among the top ten highest paying jobs in America!
However, the hard work and long years that go into preparing a medical student for the expertise and responsibilities of surgery make the money earned worth all the hard work and dedication! No wonder it is considered as one of the most prestigious and best careers in medicine!

Software Engineer

The IT boom has open new vistas for computer and software professionals!
With high demand for IT upgradation leading to international software projects, the profile of a computer software engineer is one of the highest paying jobs at present and for the future with an average earning potential of $82,780 per annum!

Software Development

Emerging technology has led to an increased need for automation and accuracy in computing, administrative and organizational processes!
Every organization looks for ways to upgrade its products and services to offer better value to customers in order to survive and surpass competition. For these reasons, development of new software is the need of the hour and, hence, software developers are in high demand.
Looking at the current industry trends, it can be easily predicted that such demand is not going to wane anytime soon! The earning potential is quite attractive and on an average, a software developer can earn around $69,538 per annum! That makes it one of the most lucrative IT careers in demand!


This medical profile tops the list of high paying careers for women and is one of the best paying careers for women! An obstetrician has a whopping average earning potential of $209,264 per annum. Besides, the profession is undoubtedly a noble one!


One of the most challenging careers in clinical psychology, the profession of a psychiatrist is based upon empathy, trust and confidence besides academic specialization!
A decent enough psychiatrist can earn up to an average $197,200 a year! Besides psychiatry, there are also some very interesting profiles and careers in psychology with a bachelor's degree that pay well and give good exposure in this field!

High Paying Careers that Don't Require a Degree

The earlier profiles are some of the best paying careers around that require academic qualification and vocational training. Here are some of the highest paying job profiles without a degree along with their average annual earning potential :
  • Air Traffic Controlling - $82,713
  • Logistics Management - $63,641
  • Nuclear Power Reactor Operator - $72,113
  • Elevator Installation and Repair - $70,000
  • Gaming Floor Supervision - $38,000
  • Production Managers - $67,940
Those were some highly lucrative, most coveted, and highest paying careers in demand with and without degrees. Some careers like those in the field of medicine, IT, education and health care are also touted as the hottest and some of the best careers!
Based upon your particular field of academic and professional specialization, select a career wisely to strike a balance between earning potential and job satisfaction. For those looking for a career change, your prior work experience accompanied by a prudent career planning is sure to take you places! Wish you all the best for a bright professional future!