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Helicopter Pilot License Requirements

Charlie S
What are the helicopter pilot license requirements? How to become a helicopter pilot? If these questions are on your mind, then the information on license requirements of a helicopter pilot can be useful for you. Keep reading, to know more...
Many of us dream of flying choppers, but most of them do not know how to become a helicopter pilot.
This is because they fail to gather right information about helicopter pilot training. Before you take a decision to join a helicopter training institute, you should be aware of the requirements of gaining a helicopter pilot license, and ask yourself whether you fulfill them or not.

How to Get a Helicopter Pilot's License

The most important factor to consider is that of the minimum age. In order to apply for a private helicopter pilot's license, you need to be at least seventeen years of age. One of the important helicopter pilot requirements is having a good eyesight since it is a must for helicopter pilots to deal with emergencies in an effective way.
All candidates aspiring to be helicopter pilots need to have 20/40 vision in both their eyes and should have the ability to identify colors. At many places, you will be eligible for applying for a helicopter pilot's license even though you have not learned to fly an airplane.
Those wishing to get a helicopter license need to pass a written test which ideally has questions on air regulations and aeronautics. Mathematical skills, numerical ability, problem solving skills are essential to clear this test. At most places, the written test is a 'multiple' choice form where you have to choose a correct answer from the 4 or 5 options.
Obviously, the test would be competitive and the time available for solving all the questions would be limited. So, attending mock tests at coaching centers and getting your doubts cleared regarding the subjects for the test becomes imperative for all candidates.
Helicopter pilot license requirements also include practical flying with and that too without an instructor. Authorities issuing helicopter licenses in most parts of the world would require you to undergo at least 40 hours of flying. Out of the total flying hours, around 10 hours should be solo flying experience.
Enroll in a good helicopter training school to learn the basics of helicopter flying and other flying procedures. A commonly asked question is, 'is it difficult to get a helicopter license than a normal aircraft license' The answer is no. Once you learn basics and proper controls through sharp instincts, you will be able to fly a helicopter without trouble.
A helicopter pilot has to communicate with several people, even while flying. So, language skills are a must for acquiring a helicopter license. English is the preferred language used in the aviation industry. Thus, proficiency in it is a must for becoming a helicopter pilot. Not just speaking, but you need to be an expert in reading and writing English.
Helicopter pilot jobs are definitely one of the best airline jobs and the salary is a proof of it. Even though you might start with a salary of around $48,000 per year initially, it can go beyond $120,000 after gaining sufficient work experience. All the best for your career!