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Helicopter Pilot Job Description

Stephen Rampur
Tasks in a helicopter pilot job description mainly depend on the type of employment, whether commercial or a defense pilot. This story provides information about the job description and salary of a helicopter pilot.
There are many interesting jobs out there in the industry, out of which most are mainly related to the hobby of the professional. One such career is that of a helicopter pilot. If you love flying and are interested in aeronautics, you can consider a career as a helicopter pilot. This is a wonderful job that even pays well.
A helicopter pilot has to execute tasks mainly as per the type of employer he is working for. He may work for the law enforcement, army, air force, or any commercial businesses. In the following, we are going to discuss some things about the job description of a helicopter pilot and salary range.

Job Description

The primary job of a helicopter pilot is to fly the chopper and be aware of all its operations and controls. Before the flight, he has to make sure about all the parts are functional. He has to thoroughly know about flight plans. Like I said before, the duties of a chopper pilot largely depend on the field he is working in.
If he is working in a law enforcement agency, he has to carry out air surveillance on subjects which are beyond street-level chase. Since the route is not predetermined, he has to make necessary decisions regarding the flight. He might even be required to communicate with the ground crew regarding the status of suspects. He may need to transport police officers to places where the operations have to be executed.
A helicopter pilot working for the air force is required to prepare flight missions and tasks involved, and review others aspects such as weather and briefing the team about the mission. He has to make sure the helicopter is loaded and ready for a mission. This is done by ensuring all safety and attack mechanisms are working and the ammunition is loaded. He may have to transport cargo, as required by the mission.
A commercial helicopter pilot can provide services in agro-based companies, private airlines, or even for a TV station. If working for an agriculture company, he may need to fly the chopper over the fields in order to spray pesticides for crop growth and disinfection.
If employed by a private airline, he may need to fly passengers for pleasure trips to distant places. Likewise, if employed by a medical facility, he is needed to transport patients to a nearby hospital in the least possible time.
Those working for TV stations, need to take the chopper to places where there has been an incident worth recording. Be it any field of work, a chopper pilot necessarily requires the skill to take precise decisions in case of some malfunction in the helicopter when airborne.

Training and Requirements

If you are planning to become a commercial helicopter pilot, you need to possess a four-year degree, as required by most employers. The next step is to complete the certification program administered by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
This licensing program comprises classroom training, in-flight assignments, and a test. Those in specific job areas like air force or law enforcement will have to meet requirements set by the respective authorities. Let us take a look at a helicopter pilot salary.

Salary Range

Annual Salary as per Industry

Military or Armed Forces: $60,000 - $100,500
Transportation: $52,000 - $72,000
Commercial Aviation: $62,000 - $98,000
Government Agencies: $58,000 - $94,500
This is some general information on a helicopter pilot's job description and salary details. If you are thinking of working in the commercial industry, you need to possess the helicopter pilot's license from the FAA.