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Health Care Jobs in Demand

Geeta Dhavale
Health care is one sector where there's no dearth of job openings. This write-up provides information on certain health care jobs that are in high demand.
The health care or wellness industry has expanded rapidly, with a phenomenal increase in opportunities for trained professionals in this field.
Gone are the days when only doctors were considered as the backbone of this industry. Today, professionals other than doctors, are in demand due to the constantly growing infrastructure.
Many experts believe that there will be a significant growth in the health sector, with a variety of jobs for trained professionals be it freshmen or experienced people. To make the most of this opportunity, it would be resourceful for you to know about some of the medical jobs that are not only in demand currently, but also have great future prospects.

Health Care Jobs


Nursing is one of the all-time booming profession in this sector, at least in the United States.
According to few research studies, many hospitals are constantly in need of trained, registered, licensed, and certified nurses. You have the choice to become a full-time or part-time nurse as per your choice. A registered nurse can earn around $63,000 per year, which will keep increasing with experience.

Athletic Trainers:

It is important for athletes to be fit in order to perform better. For this, they need athletic trainers.
These trainers do not coach them but provide them with advice regarding precautions that need to be taken while participating in sports, and also help them with injuries caused due the game, etc. Their job is more like that of a physiotherapist.

Trained Caregivers:

The need for caregivers is also increasing day by day. Caregivers have to work in home settings where patients are not able to leave home or cannot care for themselves on their own.
They generally get paid on per hour basis, but can also work as full-time or resident caregiver. Specialized and experienced caregivers can earn more than the freshmen.

Medical Assistants:

As the number of hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, private clinics, dispensaries, and nursing homes is increasing, the need for trained and experienced medical assistants too is increasing rapidly.
Medical assistants are required to perform various administrative tasks in different wellness care settings, which is very important for the smooth functioning of that organization.

Cardiovascular Technologists and Technicians:

They assist doctors in identifying, diagnosing, and treating cardiovascular diseases. As the number of heart patients is going higher, the need for cardiovascular technologists is increasing.

Surgical Technologists:

Surgical technologists assist surgeons during a surgery in an operation theater. Their primary job is to prepare an operation theater for surgery by cleaning it and keeping the necessary surgical equipment and tools ready before the operation starts. It is easy to become a surgical technologist as you only need a short-term diploma in surgical technology.

Clinical Laboratory Technicians:

This is again one of the recession-proof jobs. Clinical laboratory technicians work in laboratory settings, where they have to perform various tests that help doctors diagnose various diseases and treat the patients accordingly.

Dietitians and Nutritionists:

People are increasingly becoming conscious about fitness and hence, they always seek advice from their dietitians or nutritionists in order to stay fit and keep ailments at bay.
Apart from this, people affected by diseases or those who are recovering from certain diseases need to follow a certain diet. Professional dietitians or nutritionists help in formulating such diets.
Apart from this, diagnostic medical sonographers, physician assistants, respiratory therapists, and health service managers, etc., too are some of the best jobs in demand that can help you have a flourishing career in the wellness sector.