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Green Jobs of the Future

Shashank Nakate
Today, the world is moving towards greener technology and this change is also reflected in the job sector. The story deals with some of the green jobs of the future.
The natural resources of our planet are on the verge of getting depleted and using them sparingly is the need of time. The best jobs of the future are therefore, going to be created in this green-collar sector. The future of world economies will largely depend on how do they use the natural resources.
The green jobs span across different fields such as agriculture, administration, research & development, manufacturing, etc. It is therefore, necessary to understand that the 'green' tag cannot be applied to a specific job; however, all those professions which contribute in some way or the other to preserve the natural environment are considered as 'green'.

Careers of the Green Economy

The use of renewable energy systems is going to shape the future of world economies. Phenomenon of global warming is said to affect the world greatly. It is by the use of renewable fuels, that we can minimize this damage to some extent. The Green Jobs Act of 2007 administered by U.S. Labor Department is the sign of change towards a greener future. Here is more on which are the green jobs of the future how would you benefit from them.

Environmental Educator

The job profile of an environmental educator includes a variety of tasks. An environmental educator disseminates information and imparts education about environment through various programs to the different sections of the society; school students, community groups and all the different sections of the society benefit from the work of an environmental educator. Those people with a science degree should find this career interesting.

Solar Power Installer

The solar energy is considered as one of the best forms of renewable energy. Demand for solar panel installer jobs is therefore, going to rise in the future. These professionals do the work of installation, maintenance and inspection of solar panel systems.
A relevant educational background i.e. a degree in electrical technology or electrical engineering is needed to do this job. However, these qualifications are not mandatory and even high school graduates with the required know-how can work in this field.
Sealing the solar panel system in order to protect it from harsh weather conditions also is one of the responsibilities of these professionals.

Environmental Engineer

The main job of an environmental engineer is to study the effect of various human activities on the natural world; based on this study, the environmental engineer has to take appropriate measures to improve the quality of resources that we utilize. Management of harmful waste materials that are dumped in the natural environment is also one of the major responsibilities of environmental engineers.
The environmental engineers play an important role in ensuring that purified water is supplied for the purpose of drinking and agricultural needs. Performing environmental audits, preparing tenders for project, etc. are some of the other duties an environmental engineer has to perform.
Working with public interest groups, factories and people in general to devise solutions for keeping pollution under control are also the additional responsibilities of these professionals.


The job profile of arborists involves care and maintenance of individual plants and trees. These professionals work on a particular tree and ensure that the growth takes place in a balanced manner.
Different activities that come under an arborist's job profile are pruning, surgery, root, management and in some cases even the removal of trees. Dead wooding is a practice of removing dead branches from the tree. This practice prevents the dead branches from breaking suddenly.

Electronic Recycler

It is going to be one of the top jobs for the future. The e-waste is known to last longer as it doesn't disintegrate or degrade just like biological waste. Efficient management of e-waste is therefore, one of the major problems of today's world. Proper management of electronic waste is the responsibility of electronic recyclers.
The details on green jobs of the future listed in this article give us an idea of the times to come. The well-being of our future generations depend largely on how efficiently we make use of natural resources. One should therefore, seriously think about pursuing a career in the green-collar sector.