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Great Jobs That Don’t Require a College Degree

Paisley Hansen
Did you realize that over 70% of the adults in America don’t have a college degree? If you can go to college after graduating from high school, you probably need to. However, having a college degree no longer ensures you have a job after graduation.
Instead of beating yourself up about not going to college, you need to focus on finding a great job. Luckily there are a number of jobs on the market that don’t require a college degree and that pay extremely well.
Finding one of these jobs will require hard work and persistence. Read ahead to find out more about the great jobs you can land without a degree.

Becoming a Truck Driver is a Good Idea

Before you go out in search of a new job, you need to sit down and figure out what your passions are. Choosing a job in an industry you are passionate about can make you much happier and successful.
If you love riding the roads and dealing with the general public, then becoming a truck driver is a wise option. In the past few years, trucking companies around the country have begun to offer large sign-on bonuses to new drivers.
There has been a shortage of truck drivers for a number of years. This is why companies are willing to pay you a bonus and help you get the proper licensing to become a truck driver. If you choose to get your CDL alone, you will be able to choose any company you want to work for.
When trying to find the best truck driver job, be sure to research the company offering the position. Making sure the trucking outfit in question is established and reputable is crucial before accepting a job with them.

Working as a Receptionist

Having a successful small business requires an entrepreneur to be extremely organized and detail-oriented. In most cases, a business owner will be unable to handle the phone calls they receive from customers daily. This is why they generally hire a receptionist to help them out. Most business owners are willing to pay big money to a good receptionist.
As a receptionist, you will not only answer phone calls, you will schedule appointments and deal with individuals that come into the office. Becoming a successful receptionist will require you to become familiar with office-based technology and organization.
If you are currently looking for a receptionist job, you need to make sure your resume is optimized. Having a great resume is essential when trying to catch the attention of a business owner and get hired.

Heavy Equipment Operator

The construction industry in the United States is booming. There are a number of new homes and commercial buildings being constructed as we speak. Getting these structures in place requires the help of a lot of people. Most construction companies use large and dangerous machines to clear the plots they need to build on.
Finding professionals to operate these pieces of equipment can be difficult. If you have grown up around these machines and know-how to operate them effectively, then becoming a heavy equipment operator may be your best bet.
Not only does this career option provide you with a new and fresh work environment, it can also supply you with a great lifestyle. Many heavy equipment operators sub-contract their services to a number of construction companies. The more companies you work with, the more money you stand to make.

Develop Your Online Marketing Skills

Creating an online presence is something most business owners and entrepreneurs are passionate about. In most cases, a business owner will not know how to get their brand noticed online. This is why they hire marketing professionals to help them out.
If you are tech-savvy and understand the complexities of Google’s search algorithm, then you may want to entertain a career in online marketing. This is a growing field and lots of businesses are trying to edge out the competition with an effective marketing campaign.

It’s Time to Take Action

Now that you know more about the jobs that don’t require college degrees, it’s time to take action.