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Graphic Designer Job Description

Stephen Rampur

The graphic designer job includes all the tasks that consist of using creativity to come up with beautiful designs and graphics on a web page or on any kind of publication.
Have you ever wondered about the creativity in the design of the websites or the magazines? This is the work of professionals who are proficient in providing visual solutions to a webpage or any type of printing material, such as magazines, newspapers, business reports, and other types of publications.
Anything that you find that has graphics or designs is a result of the services provided by these creative professionals called graphic designers.


For those who want to become a graphic designer, keep in mind that you have to be extremely creative in your work. Along with a liking for artwork, you should enroll for a course or a degree in graphic design.
These trainings and courses may even require you to learn a new design software or computer language. You will need to be skilled in using a variety of packages, such as QuarkXPress, Flash, FreeHand, Photoshop, 3ds Max, Acrobat, Illustrater, Dreamweaver, and Director.
A degree in the fields of graphic design, 3-D design, visual art, film, television, illustration, fine arts, photography, communication design, etc. will help you to become a designer. Any design-based course will give you a good knowledge about the intricacies of this field.

Job Description

Web Designer

A web designer has to be well versed with the web methodologies that pertain to making designs using the computer. He should be able to use various tools and software that aid in preparing any type of design. He has to meet with clients and discuss on their requirements regarding the anticipated designs.
He also has to work with computer programmers and web application developers to blend his designs with the artwork, photographs, pictures, 3D animations, and other visual design aspects made by these professionals.
They are employed by software companies and other design providing services. The main duty is to train and mentor junior designers in completing their assignments.

Magazine Designer

While web designers work on creating designs for the websites, magazine designers prepare designs that can be used in publications. They create the look and feel of the magazine, brochure, report, or any printable document that requires design or artwork.
They work with photographers and magazine editors regarding what type of artwork is to be printed and fonts to be used for the articles.
They have to consult with advertising managers to get the details of the space to be left for advertising materials. Some magazine designers even create designs and artwork for the websites of the same client.

Salary Range

Those with one to 4 years of work experience can receive a pay ranging from USD 26,100 to USD 55,500 per annum. The ones with a work experience of 5 to 9 years can expect an annual pay of approximately USD 30,730 to USD 65,000. Creative professionals with 10 to 19 years of experience can be eligible for a pay of around USD 31,600 to USD 73,000.
When it comes to location, Texas offers a pay of USD 31,000 to USD 57,000 per year. In New York, a yearly pay of about USD 32,000 to USD 76,000 is the norm. California offers a yearly salary of around USD 40,000 to USD 91,000. These professionals may have to follow many other roles and responsibilities according to the project they are working on.