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Government Employee Benefits

Shashank Nakate
Looking forward to working as a government employee? Here is a brief information about the benefits available to government employees such as leaves, health benefits, retirement benefits, insurance, etc.
The federal government offers many benefits to its employees. Apart from the monthly payments, discounts, and insurance, various other aids and assets are also offered and are given on the basis of position. The information about the support offered to the federal and state employees is presented here in short.

US Federal Administration Benefits


The leaves are granted to workers for their personal health care and recreational needs. Ten paid holidays and 13 sick leaves are given to all the job holders. The vacation days/leave is given on the basis of experience; thus, on the basis of experience, the number of leaves may vary from 13-26 days.

Health Benefits Program:

Health care needs of the workers and their family can be met through the different plans offered. There are many consumer-driven plans. The retirees, employees, and any survivors can benefit from them. 'Medicare' is a program of health insurance for those aged 65 years or above. However, people with disabilities under the age of 65 can avail this program.


The insurance for general health, vision, dental health, long-term disability, and life insurance are offered by the federal administration.

Retirement Aid:

The Federal Employment Retirement System (FERS) was created in 1986; the aid is offered through 'Social Security', 'Basic Benefit', and 'Thrift Savings Plan'. One has to pay a certain amount from the monthly salary for these programs; the agency also contributes some part of the payment.
Federal employees who complete 30 years of service and retire after the 'minimum retirement age' (MRA) can avail the benefit of Social Security, after 62 years of age. If a person retires before reaching the age of 62 years, he/she is paid the 'Special Retirement Supplement' annuity.

Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program:

This program is good for getting the benefit of long-term service care. Health care service on a long-term basis in a nursing home and at the personal residence is provided through this plan.
Apart from the mentioned points, workers can also avail educational loans. Those who are eligible to receive such loans, can go for student loan repayment of up to USD 10,000. The federal government also helps in managing the personal/family responsibilities through different programs.
Job holders can be allowed to work in a schedule that is flexible. Child support programs, telework, and employee assistance programs are a few of the other benefits.

State Administration Benefits

The different types of vacations that can be availed are:
  • Sick leave
  • Civil leave
  • Military leave
  • Holidays
  • Family illness leave
  • Family medical leave
  • Community service leave
  • Special leave
  • Voluntary shared leave
  • Vacation leave
The different insurance plans for state government workers are:
  • Health Insurance
  • Disability Income Plan
  • Long Term Care
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Employees' Assistance Program
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Flexible Benefits
Once a state employee completes his service requirements, aid in different forms such as 'Service Retirement', 'Death Benefits', 'Short-term Disability' and 'Long-term Disability' are provided by the Teachers' and State Employees' Retirement System.
The Illinois administration worker gets most of the benefits offered by other states like the insurance, retirement benefits, leaves, and others (Flexible Spending Accounts, Commuter Savings Program and Deferred Compensation).
The benefits given are useful for increasing the productivity of employees and also to secure their lives. The health and retirement support and other schemes are aimed at providing a much-needed support system.