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Good Resume Objectives

Divya Bichu
Recruiters or employers examine hundreds of resumes everyday, and the one thing that can make yours stand out is a good resume objective. To know how to develop some impressive ones, read the story next.
A resume seems very easy to draft, but when you actually get down to work, it can take pretty much of your time. A resume is a gist of who you are and how you will prove to be an asset to the prospective company you are applying to.
It is what earns you a face to face interview, so, you do not want to run any risk and would want yours to catch the eyes of the recruiters. Take all the time in the world and make sure you draft the best, which stands out.
Now, a resume contains your personal information, your academic record, and each is to its own, but something that is going to make all the difference is a good resume objective. In this story, you will learn how to draft a good one.


Firstly, a resume objective is a short summary of your career goals, your suitability to the position you are applying for, and your zeal to take up the job. Now, it's not always important to include one in your CV.
Yes, it is not necessary. A person with a solid work experience need not put in any, as his experience speaks for all, though here, the need is to highlight the several years of work experience. But, for a freshman or those students applying for higher studies to universities, definitely a career goal is a must.
This will only increase chances of a positive response from an employer. A proper objective is not generic, it has to be specific and tailor made to meet the expectations of the organization and position to which you apply. Likewise, a good objective for a customer service resume will not serve the same purpose as for a finance resume.

Developing a Statement

Always think of what you would want to read as a recruiter. That's exactly what you have to jot down, since, it's about being yourself with a ting of diplomacy as to suit the position and organization you apply to. Remember, the employer reads plenty of resumes everyday, and this one thing is going to make all the difference.
Therefore, it ought to be strong, powerful, unique, and to the point. Avoid bland statements, as they fail to keep the recruiter interested. The objective should normally be a paragraph of three sentences, and the very first sentence must be able to translate your competencies.
Listed next are few examples for your reference. Do not copy them, add a ting of yours to make them look unique and stand out in the league of other competitors.

Some Examples

  • Hard work coupled with creative potential, I wish to crave a niche in my working field and contribute to the growth of the company.
  • To use my people oriented experience, communication skills, and ability to analyze and solve problems in your renowned ABC institute for a customer service position.
Joining your organization would offer me a constructive workplace to exhibit my expertise in customer relationship and staff leadership.
  • To maximize my BPO professional skills in your dynamic and strong workplace, utilizing my knowledge and skills for the fulfillment of organizational goals in the best possible way.
  • To pursue a long term career in a professional organization, contributing to the growth, customer satisfaction and success. To grow professionally by learning and stand up to the expectations of the organization.
  • With assets like integrity, teamwork, and hard work, wish to contribute to the success of the organization, harnessing my skill and talent to the fullest expectation of the organization.
With considerable work experience, I wish to apply for the post of manager where I can use my exceptional managerial skills to garner profits for the organization.
  • To obtain a position as a school teacher, utilizing my strong commitment towards children's educational needs and their complete development. Hence, creating future leaders and working towards the welfare of the school.
  • Seeking position as a software program designer, my goal is to work with latest technologies that utilizes researching, developing high-tech products and learning, thus contributing to the growth of the company.
  • Seeking a job for the post of media manager, where I can manage media trade processes and preparations identifying advertising opportunities with consumer response.
  • Seeking a job in the banking arena, where my analytical and financial expertise is properly utilized, contributing to the growth and success of your renowned bank. Being a freshman, seeking job in your organization would give an opportunity to learn and serve to the best of my abilities.
  • High dedication coupled with motivation and considerable work experience in planning events and coordinating them, wish to apply for the position of event planner. Planning a broad spectrum of events has made me customer responsive, and wish to take my creative potential to new heights.
  • Dealing with a large crowd using my exceptional communication skills, patience and presence of mind, to increase the sales of your company, and be successful in a retail career.
Write a good resume objective that sells and earns you an interview with the potential company you are applying to. It's important to be specific and not brag too much beyond the correct objectives, having done that you are sure to have won the job. All the best.