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Good Jobs for 16 Year Olds

Aastha Dogra
Gone are the days when teens used to be satisfied with whatever allowance they got from their parents. Teens today want more money to spend on parties, clothes, hobby classes, traveling, etc. As much as a 16 year old is serious about his/her leisure time activities, the ways to earn money to spend on them.
Nowadays, teens believe in the adage 'Work hard, party harder'. So, if they need extra money, they would prefer earning it themselves rather than asking their parents for it. There are several part-time jobs which a teen can take up these days to earn extra money.

Library Assistant

Library jobs are a good option as part-time jobs for 15- and 16-year olds. A library assistant's job mainly involves maintaining the books in the library.
If you are someone who enjoys reading books, this job offers you ample opportunities to be in the company of the works of some of your favorite writers.


If you have always been a good student and have the capability to teach others, you can consider taking up tuition. There is a great demand for teachers who can teach subjects such as science, maths and English.

Customer Service

If you possess good communication skills and enjoy helping others, then customer service jobs at a retail store or a restaurant will be ideal for you. These involve making sales by recommending the customers some of the items sold at the store.
To enter this field, you should have complete knowledge of the products sold at the retail store, as well as the ability to convince people to make a purchase.


For those who enjoy number crunching and are good at math, there are many avenues available to be a cashier. Proper research will show you numerous restaurants, retail stores, malls, etc., are always on the look out for teens who can work as cashiers.

Window Cleaner

Window cleaning jobs are best for those who like to work according to their own pace. To take up window cleaning jobs, you need to make a small investment in things like a ladder, cleaning liquid, sponge, and a bucket.
Once you have these things in place, you can search for cleaning assignments at various companies or individual households. In case you get a big assignment some day, you can even ask some of your friends to join in your business.

Web Designer

There are many people who look for professionals to create a website for them. Sometimes, certain individuals already have a website, but are on a look out for people who can give them fresh ideas on how to upgrade it. This is where web designers step in.
For starters, create a website of your own to publicize your talent and skills in this field. Search the Internet for websites that require such services, get in touch with them, and offer your services.

Content Writer

If your vocabulary, grammar and language is good, you can consider becoming a content writer. There are many websites on the Internet who are always in need of quality content writers.
If you feel that you have good knowledge about some topic such as sports or fashion or education, you can write articles about these and start earning money through them.


Babysitting is the perfect part-time job for teens who have the ability to take care and handle small babies. You can get paid on an hourly basis. It is easy to get babysitting jobs, where both mothers and fathers tend to work long hours these days.
By opting for any of these jobs, a teen not only earns money, but gains work experience too. Companies today prefer those with some kind of work experience, thus, teens who want to  enter marketing field can take up customer service jobs, those who aim to be a teacher can take up tutoring and those wanting to enter a creative field can take up web designing.