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Good Career Choices for Men

Komal Bakhru
As far as good careers for men are concerned, there is a plethora of opportunities awaiting them. In this story, we will take a look at some good opportunities for men this year.
A 'good' career choice can mean different things to different individuals. Someone, with a flair for writing will try to make his career in a publishing firm, whereas someone with a sybaritic taste would try his hand at investment banking or the stock market.
While gauging the best career for men this year, it is essential that we take into account all the parameters like job-satisfaction, compensation, insurance benefits, growth prospects etc.
Numerous surveys are carried out every year to know the market scenario for job opportunities. The findings of these surveys reveal the trends in the market as far as the best career choices are concerned.
Although, women are treated equally today as far as the employment options are concerned, there are certain jobs which are more feasible for men - jobs which involve mild to heavy physical activity, like being a motor mechanic. In the list given below, we have mentioned some career choices which can be more appealing to men, but, it in no way implies that women can't take up these jobs. Let us take a look at some career options for men.

Good Career Opportunities for Men

Investment Banker

Ummm... Need I say more? Because if the words "investment banker" haven't already said something to you, nothing else will. It's a high-paying job, thus making it a respectable job too. A high-profile job, this is unquestionably one of those "good jobs for men" that everyone approves of and holds in high regard.
If finance or financial analysis is what you are good at, a career in investment banking will be suitable for you. With the average salary crossing the six-figure mark, this career promises financial security to you.

Criminal Justice

The term criminal justice may seem very generic. But here's a thought, look into what this career has to offer, and you'd be surprised. Cops, lawyers, special agents, field agents... The list is endless. What is required of you, though, is absolute seriousness and dedication.
The opportunities in this field of work are unending, and the satisfaction you get from serving your country is a rush in itself. When it comes to the salary aspect of it, the range depends entirely on the department of criminal justice you work for.

Ethical Hacker

A career as an ethical hacker is without a doubt one of those good option. What's great is the fact that it is more in demand now than ever before. With cyber security becoming a major cause of concern these days, ethical hackers are having a field day. Fraud in cyber space is on the rise, and there is always a requirement of people to keep in it control.
This is where the help of an ethical hacker is taken. Working for large organizations is the way most people would do it, because it is places like these that normally require penetration testers, as they are also referred to. In terms of salary, there definitely will be nothing to complain about, because this field definitely pays well.

Doctors & Engineers

The reason we have coupled doctors and engineers together is because these two careers have been highly sought-after since time immemorial. Doctors and engineers are respected by one and all, and the salary is among the best in the market. Doctors earn around $200,000 on an average, whereas engineer's average salary is around $150,000.

Defense service

This is one career option where bravery and pride in one's country is a requisite. Being a defense personal may mean that you may have to stay away from your family for a long period of time and fight with the enemy by putting your life at risk. Despite these challenges, a career as a defense personal is highly respected, and the salary and other benefits are great.


Fashion, travel, still life... You name it, and it can be done. There is absolutely no end to the list of possibilities when considering a career as a photographer. If you are one of those guys who value aesthetics, and you think you can capture it like it deserves to be done, a photographer's job is definitely for you.
So yeah, if you admire beauty (irrespective of its form), think no further, because this is surely the field for you. The salary scale may not be exceptional, but then, this is a field for people who seek job satisfaction, monetary aspect aside!


I'm sure the need of explaining who or what a bartender does, hardly arises. Most people know what a job like this entails. So, what is required of you to become a bartender? For starters, your knowledge of alcohol, and mixing drinks are the base of this job. But wait! There is one aspect that could seem like a flip-side to some.
As a bartender you will have moments when you will have to put up with listening to an emotional customer pouring his heart out to you (every now and again expecting some advice too. Yeah, alcohol does that).
But if you're okay with that, there's nothing to worry about. As for the monetary part of it, it would be fair to expect anything from $100 to $300 a night.


If music is what you love, music is what you shall have. Far from a stereotype career, it is vital that you love music like your life depends on it. A good DJ also has to be an entertainer, and one of the ways to do that is by exhibiting it through your love for music.
Making sure that you are extensively well read whether it is about genre or artist is an absolute must too. If you have great people skills, and a love for life, this most certainly is the right career option for a guy.
Salary scales in this field could vary greatly, but you can rest assured that you will make a decent amount of money as part of your yearly income.
This was a short but varied list of careers to choose from. Most of the careers spoken about deviate from the usual pick that people turn to, but if for any reason you think it doesn't work for you, feel free to look into something you believe is better suited for you. For the rest of it, just love what you do!